Protein Does Not Cause Kidney Disease, High BGL Does-Dr. Bernstein

(Crow T. Robot) #1

Interesting story by Dr Bernstein on how we got the idea that high protein is bad for kidneys. Is this single (falsified) rat study really the only science behind the idea that “protein is bad for the kidneys”?

(Keto Victory) #2

Nice. Interestingly, he reversed his own kidney disease following his recommended LCHP diet.

(Troy) #3

Dr. Berry w some added info😄

(Bunny) #4

Some other interesting things about protein is it mysteriously rebuilds cartilage because it is one of many (hundreds) methylation groups.

Every time you eat phytochemicals such as plants e.g. sulphoraphane (has its purposes in human health and diseases like cancer) which is what a plant produces to protect itself from being eaten much like oxalates but what happens with sulphoraphane is it strips your entire body of all methylation groups for which there are hundreds of enzymatic processes and genes that get switched off and on like a light switch deactivating enzymes like binary hex coding in raw machine language…

That may be why eating only protein for a while is why people feel so wonderful?

At least I think that’s the idea?

Kind of spooky isn’t it?

…stripping then replacing…stripping then replacing…before the beneficial effects of eating protein can reach its full cycle of potential health benefits?

Another thing that is why eating seeds is much better because your getting to it before it has a chance to be photosynthesized (phytochemicals) by sunlight?

The main purpose of a plant is to survive by adapting to its habitat and ecosystem and try not to be eaten so it can flourish?