Protective role of autophagy in pancreatic β cells

(Richard Morris) #1

The referenced articles here are an interesting set of papers studying the protective effects of autophagy on pancreatic beta cells.

My take: Fasting for up to 3 days promotes Autophagy (low Leucine, low insulin fasting - so @tdseest’s BPC sparing fast might do the trick ) and that gives our beta cells that make insulin a fighting chance.

For type 2 diabetics fasting is a tool, for up-armouring your insulin producing beta cells.

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(Terri) #2

This is encouraging me.


I really think I dodged a bullet by going keto and incorporating fasting when I did. I can almost feel my pancreas breathing a sigh of relief.

(darlee44) #4!! My pancreas thanks you :thumbsup:


I’m trying to figure out optimal recovery time between fasts for autophagy to be most effective. Any thoughts?