Proof you don't need to drop that last hundred pounds to burn the dance floor down

(Stickin' with mammoth) #1

This is a dance competition where partners are picked at random. Believe it or not, he’s never danced with this woman before. They’re judged on their skill, ability to communicate with each other, and charisma. John Lindo is rather famous in this realm, all the ladies love his professionalism and generosity on the dance floor. Dude is a legend.

But girls, hands off: He’s gay! (Guys, step forward.)

Just goes to show ya that you needn’t wait until you reach a certain number on the scale. Get out there and shake whatcha got.

(Pete A) #2

Just moving can work wonders!

(Stickin' with mammoth) #3

The difference being that John Lindo doesn’t dance to lose weight, he dances for the sheer joy of it. The point I was hoping to convey was that people can get out there and dance now, they don’t have to wait for a magical number or size to enjoy themselves. Numbers aren’t the point, anyway.

The most powerful thing I learned from exercise is never do it to lose weight. Do it because it feels good. When choosing an activity fitness should be a dividend, not the goal. Just like money is one of the dividends of a fun career.

If you do something purely for weight loss or money, there’s an excellent chance you’re gonna hate it long before it starts paying off. If you choose something you love at the outset, you’ve got it locked up. Your progress towards any number or size is beside the point so there’s no need to do anything but soak up the joy.


(Bob M) #4

Agree. I gained 90+ pounds while exercising, and have also lost a lot of weight, while exercising. Began training for a 5k this year, and man, am I hungry! Exercise makes me hungrier. Which it should, if CICO wasn’t a thing.

(Stickin' with mammoth) #5

I’ll bet a fair amount of that gain was muscle, or brown fat at the very least.

It used to be a thing to take a brief walk in the late afternoon to “build up an appetite” but I’ve also heard the best time is after a meal to aid digestion.

Moral the story: Walks are awesome, take them at will.

(Bob M) #6

Actually, I lost a lot of muscle mass. I went from body builder to fat, took up more way aerobics too. 60+ mile bike rides in the summer. Hard to maintain muscle mass while doing that.

Not sure about brown fat.

I think of walking after dinner as being beneficial, but mainly from an insulin/blood sugar perspective.

But I think if one likes dancing, it’s a great exercise.

My daughter does it, and one thing I’ve noticed is the really great dancers have the extra body image, facial expressions, and the like, that that the other dancers do not. It takes years to get that, I think.

We went to a high school production of Footloose, and they always had one of my daughter’s friends in the front for the main, tough dance numbers. (She wasn’t one of the main parts but was in every dance number.) That’s because she’s had 10+ years of dance lessons, and has the moves while also having a smile on her face and looking the part. Meanwhile, a lot of the other kids were dying because the dance was so hard. But there were in the second or third row, so hidden by the dances with way more experience.


Many can’t be this person ever cause weight stops life for many with I can do or wanna do or?

I know, this was me but I applaud him for living his life as he wants. More good info showing others life does not stop cause one is overweight :slight_smile: but hard in the personal brain sometimes, but get that word out is a good thing!

(Rebecca ) #8

What a beautiful, inspiring testimony…

(Stickin' with mammoth) #9

Thanks, that was precisely my point.

(Butter Withaspoon) #10

That makes me wanna dance so much! Funny because I’ve just been chatting with a friend about maybe taking a glass. Gotta do it!