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Hi Keto Family!
I am in nursing school, I only 4 months and 26 days left… but who’s counting? I have to take English 2 this term and it is kicking my butt!
I have to do a problem, solution essay; I’m doing my outline right now and it just occurred to me that I should ask my community for your favorite sources and references!
Will you help me out?
I’m stating that the problem is metabolic disease, obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and infertility. The solution is LCHF, keto.
I can share the link with anyone who wants to help edit!

(Teresa (turtle)) #2

Keto Clarity by Jimmy Moore


Thanks Knapper88!

(CharleyD) #4

Lots of good resources here:


I found this shortly after I posted and was a wealth of information. You have quite the library yourself. I have been reading all day and I still have not finished my outline.
This professor is really an overachiever. I believe she thinks that we want to be English majors instead of nurses.
Thanks a ton!

(CharleyD) #6

Best of luck! If I had to go back to school, I don’t know that I’d have the guts to try to tackle LCHF for metabolic syndrome. What if it gets in your permanent record that you’re a keto cultist?


My permanent record makes me giggle.
This is a tough subject. The hours I’ve logged on here instead of studying are really going to help me get through Diabetes School, I mean Nursing School.

(Heather Miller) #8

Jason Fung, Intensive dietary management blog. Lots of great information.


I just turned in my 9 page outline on Keto solving obesity and diabetes.
Thanks for the support!