Pro-Maskers, you gonna keep wearing them?


yea I agree with all you said on this one!!

plus I would go regular old vector vaccine always before any ‘make my cells genetically force its action’ for sure.

I truly hate the genetics game out there in this world but I guess the world is gonna do what it wants to do, luckily I don’t and won’t go along with any of it if I don’t wanna.

what I don’t like…law changes due to this BS. Vaccine card to fly? Vaccine card for employer or you can’t work? and all tons more that is gonna control us more…sheeple is a joke word but it ain’t a joke in its truth really ever. We are all being herded and that isn’t me, I am that one that breaks form the herd and ya gotta chase me down HAHA

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I got the J&J vaccine on Thursday. I waited a while (I was eligible very early in my state), talked to my non-mainstream doctor, had an antibody test (negative), and went to the actual hospital to get it (figured that gave me a better chance of it having been stored properly).

I have had zero side effects so far. I decided to do it because I am running a summer program for kids completely in-person after CA lifts all of its restrictions in a few weeks. Lots of new kids and their families to be exposed to.

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Socially no mask because every relative and every friend took mRNA vaccine. I will continue to wear a mask inside stores.

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I no longer wear masks outdoors. I frequent the local park and weekly outdoor farmers market and am mask-free while doing so. I live in a state with one of the most abysmal vaccination rates in the US, so until I see how Memorial Day weekend festivities play out, in terms of new cases, I’m still masking in crowded, indoor settings. I was fully vaxxed in April, but I live with someone high-risk who cannot be vaccinated due to allergies, so I’m just trying to be extra cautious for their sake.

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I wear a mask if a place really wants me too, but most are easing up - today in a grocery store it was about 50/50 mask/no mask. The state of Georgia isn’t great on percentage of people being fully vaccinated, but infection rates are way down, like 1/6 of what was the peak.

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Hey, another Georgian here! I live in Metro Atlanta, which was in the red zone for months on-end, but we also have a decent vaccination rate compared to more rural parts of the state. Things are looking up, and I’m hoping we will stay on that trajectory.


I looked up vaccination rated in the US, very good! Europe is behind despite many Covid cases…
Except the UK and Hungary. Now village festivals are allowed too, yay! But masks in building is mandatory and we must handle 2 big carts in supermarket, one per person… It would be fine but those places often have very little space… I will be glad when that will be over. I choose the smallest carts or a basket when it’s an option, of course.
Hungary is great now, only 6 deaths yesterday, only 12 the day before! 2 days ago we had 1/100th of the number of cases on the worst days in March… :smiley: No wonder actives cases drop like crazy, 40% fully vaccinated, things are good. “The 3rd wave is over in Hungary” was said. Meanwhile Australia is crazy with restrictions, it seems and they basically don’t even have covid let alone deaths. I guess they want to keep it like that but still, it seems overreacting but I only read about that second-handed, I live as far from Australia as possible on the Earth or close to that :smiley:

No one wears masks outside except 1-2 people, they probably has vulnerable family members or something.
Basically everyone wears masks in shops as it’s mandatory and the shop doesn’t let it to be different.
But I still never see people who are very worried or fight about masks or anything related to Covid. I saw some videos from the world, oh my, that hate… We don’t have that, despite all the masses who makes hateful politics from everything. But me being a hermit probably helps a ton…

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