Pro-Maskers, you gonna keep wearing them?


If you’re in the US, it’s making its rounds very quickly that the mask mandate is gone per the CDC and the White House, to those that were wearing them by choice (meaning in places you didn’t have to) will you continue to now that it’s not being mandated, or continue to?

I’m at the gym right now where you’re not required to wear one and probably 90% of people don’t, as this was scrolling across the TV’s I watched the small handful of people wearing them take them off with a big happy face on, which is great but made me think, how many were wearing them when they didn’t have to, just because the politicians told them to?

Note: Not a troll, honest question here! Not a debate on whether you think they work or not.

(Ruth E Holleran) #2

Until my state adjusts its rules for schools, I’m stuck.

I am a music teacher and am SO over this. My students have forgotten how to sing.

(Vic) #3

I can’t even play piano with a mask on. Its distracting and annoys me, takes the emotion of the music the wrong way.

Music is just a hobby for me, I feel ya thou.

I don’t wear masks if I’m not forced to.

Except when I see the fear in peoples eyes that want to talk to me, than I put one on, even if they don’t ask.


I’d think that would happen very quickly, schools were going by a combo of the CDC and DOE, The DOE is going to recommend whatever the CDC says. My kid can’t wait!

(Gregory - You can teach an old dog new tricks.) #5

I wear one out of courtesy when I feel it’s the right thing to do.

I frequent a few stores that " require " it…


Ugh- I’ve played concerts with a mask on. Not much fun, though it’s nice to make music with folks in person again.

@lfod14, I haven’t worn them outside for a week or so now, but will probably continue in stores, etc. I think my state still has a mask mandate in place.


What state are you in that you needed to wear one outside? I didn’t know any state took it that far!


I think we still need to wear it outside but only in villages, towns and cities :slight_smile:
I can handle that 10 minutes a week.
So it’s easy for me.

Hungary, number #1 country at death per population :slight_smile: But possibly only because we are more “honest” than other countries. It may be not the right word but I don’t focus on Covid, it barely affects my life, I just don’t sing since last March (I was in a choir, that was 90% of my social life).

I dislike masks, I can’t run in it 100 meters (I don’t care people prove that they can run marathons, I can’t) and anyway - but I barely ever go near other humans (and they don’t care much anyway) so it doesn’t matter to me. I am nice and wear the mask because it surely doesn’t harm anyone including me. I as a hermit who rarely meet another person except my vaccinated SO, probably am no danger to others.
Mask, vaccines… It’s about the same to me either way. But I probably will need to be vaccinated for museums and blood plasma donating (and anyway, it would just be all over for me and that’s nice) so my SO registered me (I am horrible but this all is a bad chore to me and it’s more important for him and I wanted to go to shower and he had time). It’s waiting then appointment if want some control then traveling far twice (bus and 2x1 hour walks if the time isn’t right for getting a lift. not so bad but still)… Not fun. The actual thing is nothing to me, I can’t even imagine I would feel particularly bad, that’s not my style.

Oh sorry I answered though I don’t consider myself a pro-masker but not too far, maybe, “it can’t hurt but I don’t think it’s soooo extremely helpful”…
If it’s not mandatory, I don’t wear a mask, if it is, I do. But it doesn’t matter so much in my case.

(Ethan) #9

It really sucks. My 9-yo son has 5 autoimmune conditions. When he gets sick, we have an asthma escalation protocol that goes up to giving him nebulizer treatments every 4 hours all day, including the night…then it escalates to oral steroids. He loses his hair often and with flare ups. His nails are brittle and thick on 16 of his fingers/toes from his conditions.

With the mask mandates ending, we will no longer be able to take him indoors any place. We can’t know if an infected person will be there without a mask. We can’t ourselves go anywhere either. While we are vaccinated, vaccination is not necessarily well protective against infection from variants, only against severe infection. That means one of us getting a mild infection could bring it home to him. If his karate cancels zoom and outdoor lessons, he will have to suspend his training as a black belt.

It’s too early to give up the indoor mask mandates. Wait until at least everybody has the opportunity to protect themselves with a vaccine.


Indeed. Some people has other circumstances. I am too much in my own world, 2 healthy adults and some older, sicker relatives but they are vaccinated (it’s not total safety, far from it but we can’t stop living. we visited all the time just before, minus hugs and kisses).
I let the smarter ones figure out what to do, yeah, politics are there too etc., whatever, I just distance myself from this all. I care about my family and I don’t think I am a danger - obviously I care about others too just they aren’t in my thoughts so much and I barely ever go close to them.

But indeed, it’s not so simple.

(Ethan) #11

I have an infant son, and my wife and kids and I live with my dad and her dad. My mother passed away on New Year’s Eve from Covid. We know what can happen. We will all become shut ins because the indoor mask mandates gets lifted too early! So to all the people reading this… when you walk into a store and don’t have to wear your mask, remember that that small convenience costs us even going anyplace.

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #12

I’m going to “read the room” because I like to be flexible and get along with people. If nobody is wearing one, I’m comfortable not. If it’s a situation where everyone involved feels more comfortable with it, also fine. Most importantly, I’m going to have open communication with people about it instead of making assumptions or snap judgments.

(Old Baconian) #13

Connecticut required masks in all places outside the home. Now they are optional out-of-doors. My resident public health expert has warned me that, even vaccinated, one can still contract the disease, but that it should be mild and easily survivable. Until everyone in the state has had the opportunity to be vaccinated, most people are still wearing masks everywhere, but we’re not freaking out if someone doesn’t. My sister still considers it necessary to wipe down the kitchen with bleach every few days, though that may stop once all of us have had our second shots.

(Laurie) #14

I wear a mask. Where I live, people are supposed to wear masks but almost no one does. I have to move out and find an apartment 1000 miles away so these people won’t breathe on me and my food.

(Jack Bennett) #15

I’ve been in the “what harm does masking do?” category for a while, though it is mildly annoying and inconvenient. With multiple vaccines available now, and good logistics at least in the US, I don’t see any further need for a broad nationwide guideline.

The guidelines for vaxed people were previously incredibly cautious so it’s good they have adjusted them. The clinical data suggest fully vaxed have about a 1-in-1000000 chance of dying from covid.

(Ethan) #16

You don’t recognize that there are children who can’t take those vaccines, but who have conditions like autoimmune disease, cancer, and immunocompromise? Those of us who are vaccinated won’t die of Covid, but we can bring it home to our children who have the aforementioned conditions. Mask mandates allow us to mitigate that risk until we can offer the vaccine to them, too. Are you arguing that this minor inconvenience isn’t worth that for a bit longer?

(Gregory - You can teach an old dog new tricks.) #17

These measures as well as masks are mitigating a lot of exposure besides C19… Particularly the flu and seasonal colds…

The real ’ return to normal ’ will be when everybody starts getting sick again with the stuff that was more common before C19…


I barely wore a mask when one had to do it, nope, no mask if not required. If required in a store and asked to put one on, yes I will…got 2 in my purse I carry, but if not required, nope. Outside in no large crowds and more situations like that definitely not.

(bulkbiker) #19

I’m interested in what precautions you have taken against flu in the past?
Flu is surely far more likely to be harmful to your child yet I doubt you have ever worn a mask at home because of it?
Or maybe you have… I’m simply interested.

(Marianne) #20

Despite being fully vaccinated now, I think I will always wear one in the grocery store and stores, in general. Maybe gives me a false sense of security, but I feel better doing it.