Printer Friendly Recipes

(Bacon for the Win) #1

You know what else this forum needs? The function to print recipies. You know how you go to a blog, say Nom Nom and after reading the recipe there is a printer friendly version? That’s what we need. Because I need to make damn near everything I see here. Please and Thank you!

(I want abs... olutely all the bacon) #2

@NelleG I added a PDF recipe page to the bottom of my latest post, is this what you’re thinking?

(Bacon for the Win) #3

that works. I do realize I am asking a lot. There are more contributers than on an individual food blog. Asking everyone to provide a printer-friendly link is probably more than most want to do.

(Cindy) #4

I’d love it if the folks who add all the gorgeous photos with the recipes interspersed between would give us just the recipe again at the bottom of the post. Makes it so much easier for experienced cooks who don’t need to see the photos of those three eggs in a bowl :smile: when we’re cooking a recipe.

(Сhristopher Moreau) #5

Yeap, you are right!!! I bought a printer some years ago and I didn’t have problems with till 2 months ago. I didn’t work with it for some months and when I began again to work with it, it didn’t want. I thought that the cartridge was dried and I changed it. I found one at the best price on However, it wasn’t this problem and I went to the repair. The problem was in small detail after changing it, it works as before.