Prickly Pear - another potential keto fruit?


Sorry, no fruit category…so I put this in the vegetable category.

It seems like the only fruit ketonians will nibble on is berries (raspberries, strawberries, black berries, etc).

Has anyone ever considered prickly pear fruit? AKA cactus fruit. One fruit is approx 5 g net carbs, and approx 5 g fibre. Also loaded with magnesium.

(AnnaLeeThal) #2

I have never had it, what does it taste like?

(Michael Iafrato ) #3

It’s kinda tart. It’s really good in a margarita :tropical_drink:


It’s mildly sweet, does not have high sugar content. It has a texture of thick, juicy pulp (sort of like that of a kiwi). It also has some seeds, small enough to just swallow them. The taste is a bit like watermelon…but the pulp is thicker and a whole lot drier than watermelon.

A popular fruit in Italy and other parts of Europe. Grows very well in hot and dry parts of USA.

Hope this helps.

(Michael Iafrato ) #5

I have them all over my ranch. They are lovely.


@miafrato, What a blessing!



(Richard Morris) #8

I love prickly pears. I’d probably consider eating a few slices every now and then.


I bet the pickle nicely too. Here are some recipes I’m thinking about trying, all look pretty easy to “keto”-up.

(Jane Reed) #10

Bodwest’s link did not explain clearly the nutritional difference between the cactus paddles and the fruit. And I must assume there is a difference in both nutritional content and flavor.

In my part of the world (California) you can find nopales, the paddle, in some supermarkets. The fruit is probably too tender to ship and store. I’ve spotted some growing wild and may try a fruit next summer.


@Buttonwillow, the fruit is definitely shipped and stored. You can buy it in stores. You see them in stores in Montreal and Toronto, Canada. And they come from far far away.


@bodwest, the cactus pedals are another part of the plant, not the fruit. But, the cactus pedals (AKA nopales) are a perfectly good keto vegetable. They are extremely low in net carbs (like 150 g nopales is 1 g net carbs and 3 g fibre). Rich in vitamin A and C, calcium, magnesium. Good on the grill, fried and terrific for pickling.

(Bart) #13

Wow, thanks for the prickly pear info. I had not heard or considered that fruit for keto. Now to do some searching for good recopies.


Thank you for clarifying


Same here, thanks for clarifying.

(Jane Reed) #16

Good to know.

(Jane Reed) #17

Great idea about the pickling. I may try that, or even fermenting it.

(Michael Iafrato ) #18

I love the cactus pedals.


I created a new post for cactus pedals (nopales) here:

Cactus Leaf (Nopales)