Pretty decent article came across LiveStrong of all places!

(Omar Newsome) #1

Not quite sure if this meets the criteria for this board, but it does use some science and cites a couple of scientific studies so I’ll give it a try here. I like how the writer threw in humor to keep you awake seeing that most of us probably know this stuff already, it’s just good to see it coming from a “mainstream” source like LiveStrong!

(John) #2

And this part illustrates the problem for me.

Laura Cipullo, a certified diabetes educator and eating disorder specialist, holds more of a pragmatic and mainstream view on carbs. She says that carbohydrates should constitute about 45 percent of the diet. Cipullo recommends meals that mix carbs with lean protein and healthy fat so that when they combine the body can’t break them down rapidly. As a result, she says, blood sugar never rises quickly, insulin does not spike and the body feels full longer.

It isn’t just the Certified diabetes educator recommending 45% carbs, its the hypocrisy just after. First she says lean protein which means she thinks fat causes diabetes, but then final line, she says to do it because you don’t want to have the blood sugar rise quickly and spike insulin. So she does understand that raising blood sugar and insulin is bad, but recommends eating food that does both.

Know a good way to keep blood sugar and insulin down? Stop eating fucking sugar dumbass.

I have a charity event Saturday for the ADA, I am conflicted, they are raising money for research and education, but these are the people they are certifying as educators. Not sure yet if they will be getting any of my money.

(Omar Newsome) #3

I’m so glad you pointed that out! It’s almost like she’s eluding to some magical mixture of “lean protein” making the carbs not do in the body what everybody knows they do, spike BG and cause an insulin response!

Not to mention 45% carbs if flippin HIGH! That’s a metric F’ton of carbs!