Pressure Canning

(aka Nick) #1

Who else out there is doing some keto canning? I just did up my first batch of 7 quarts of keto chili with my trusty pressure canner. It’s my new favorite kitchen gadget. It’s basically an super-jumbo pressure cooker. I use the Presto 23 quart pressure canner, which was a pretty good deal at around $80.00 shipped on Amazon.

There’s something really nice about an instant meal that’s made from scratch with real ingredients, and that doesn’t need defrosting. My freezer is tiny anyway, so it’s great to have something that can go in the cupboard. In the future though, I’ll be canning this chili recipe in pints, because each quart is 1,800 calories! Just look at that glorious fat cap…:heart_eyes:

Are there any other canners out there? Post what you’ve made!. :slight_smile: