Pre-and Post Vacation Fasting

(Kathy Meyer) #1

OK, started my fast Monday night and will end Thursday morning – just before leaving for vacation in Key West, Florida. I will stay Keto on vacation as much as possible. And then will resume fasting when I return home.

Anybody have suggestions for vacation eating? I will be with my husband and family who like regular meals. I’m thinking just eggs and bacon for breakfast, and salad and meats for the other meals. What if they want to go to a sushi place, or Chinese or Italian food? Although I think mostly seafood restaurants – and that should work.

Anybody know Key West and have suggestions for Keto-friendly restaurants?

(betsy.rome) #2

I’ve had good luck at Asian restaurants by ordering a simple custom meal. Such as, asking for a simple shrimp & veg stirfry with garlic sauce on the side, no sugar or rice. Many restaurants have a “healthy” option with no thickened sauces.

Italian, there’s always some bread crumbs in the meatballs, and some sugar in the marinara, but a side of meatballs & salad is still pretty low on the carbs. Antipasto plate.

Sushi - get the sashimi, I guess!

(Guardian of the bacon) #3

Been a long time since I’ve been to the Keys. I do remember eating as much Conch as I could get my hands on.