Potassium supplement issue

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Everyone is different. The Two Keto Dudes have two dogmas: (1) Show me the science; and (2) Find what works for you.

Myself, I find that keeping salt in the right range is a great help in keeping calcium, magnesium, and potassium balanced, too. But everyone is an individual. If your body needs more potassium than you can get in your food, then you shouldn’t go by what works for me, you should do what works for you and supplement if you have to.

As I believe I’ve mentioned before, my bias is that, in general, a nutritionally adequate diet supplies all the nutrients the human body needs, without supplementation, But I have to admit there are some people who, for whatever reason, find they need supplements even on a diet that supplies what the vast majority of people need. So that’s where dogma (2) comes into play.

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I still add it to food, but beyond that don’t worry.

When I first realised I was likely sodium deficient, years ago now, I made up capsules with Himalayan salt and was taking them three times a day like any other supplement. At first my body reacted amazingly well and I noticed loads of benefits, but after a few weeks of doing that, my body started to reject the capsules by making me feel insanely sick as soon as I took them. So I stopped taking them and just continued adding a sprinkling of salt to meals / cooking and that’s where I’m still at today.

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We are all just doing what works for us as individuals which is where you need to get yourself to. Yes it takes time to learn and respond to your body accordingly, but when something clearly isn’t working for your body as what you’re doing currently isn’t, the easy answer is to stop doing it.

See how you go just letting your body do its thing before messing around with anything else.


For almost everybody, simply salting your food (normally) and getting in what’s unavoidable, is plenty.

Most people severely overdo sodium, but you’re never going to do that only salting food and getting what comes in with the food you eat. Sodium and Potassium have a balance with each other. If you were super active, or doing tons of cardio and constantly sweating there’s a use case there.

Start tracking what you’re eating with Cronometer or another tracking app, if you think your metabolism is slowed you definitely want to track so you can work on getting it back.

You’re not going to overdo a multi. Pretty much everybody on the planet can benefit from them. Nobody has that perfect of a diet, and most veggies are grown in nutrient deficient soil at this point, I’d leave that in, but your call.

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I can identify with that, because a couple of times over the last few months I accidentally got too much salt, and boy, did it taste awful! :scream:

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Our bodies are very good at telling us when something isn’t needed :rofl:

When I was taking the caps, obviously couldn’t taste them so my body instead reacted by making me feel hideously sick immediately after taking them. Took me about a week to realise the connection, but it was literally instant as my body wanted to reject the salt (and tried its hardest to make me sick).

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I can honestly say, I have never had a negative reaction to salt, no matter how much I’ve eaten/drank (pickle juice and olive brine have a lot of salt). I didn’t think it was possible. I guess we’re all different.

Though I’m not sure that our bodies are that great. I can easily overeat sugar in all its various forms, and my body does not complain much at all.

I don’t think the original poster can tell if he or she is overdoing potassium, for instance.

There may be times when I’ve been able to tell, like when I was taking a ton of iodine. But that was irregular heartbeats, not really anything visceral.


Maybe you never managed to overeat salt. Normally I can’t do that either (just like I am unable to overeat protein in a way that it actually makes me less well) but when I did carnivore depending on some super salty preserved meat… That wasn’t fun so I stopped. Salt still can’t do much harm but I started to hate it (overly salty food has some strange burn and I started to feet it even when I didn’t eat, very clear sign of too much sodium) so I just stopped salting my other food in the end… And then I started to eat some proper meat.

My body totally complains if I eat sugar (now. it didn’t do it in the past when it had no other experience). Just a little if it’s little but it’s pretty sensitive. It doesn’t complains if I occasionally (and very needlessly) eat, like, 250g protein and 350g fat… So overeating should be avoided using the right food and timing and I get my stop sign at the right time. I listen to my body but first my mind should make good decisions based on my experiences… I think most of us does this combined thing, we have some good idea about our needs but our body is more or less reliable too.

I can’t say anything to the main topic as I don’t care about my potassium intake, I feel quite okay on the right diet so why to tweak anything.


Again this morning i experienced something weird :slight_smile: I woke up mentally and physically exhausted i can literally felt my cortisol level is spiking up i was very restless, anxious. Literally i was sad, moody

Then i decide drink 4-5 g salt with water only after half hour i started to feel way much better :slight_smile: This sodium imbalance rough…