Posting things that have nothing to do with WOE?

(eat more) #1

"hey is anybody watching SIX on the History channel?"
or tattoo, motorcycle, pets photo threads

would that go in community or better to just not post non keto things?

i understand for management if it would be easier to just not post but we might have more in common than just WOE and it could be fun…or totally out of control lol

just curious :blush:

(Dustin Cade) #2

i would like to see a place to post whatever non keto things we may want to share…


While we’re on such a meta topic: what the hell is “WOE”?

I’ve seen that pop up from time to time around here, but context has given no clues when I’ve seen it, and I’ve never seen that acronym used anywhere other than this forum.


WOE = Way Of Eating


Wow, i honestly would never have guessed that one, other than the eating part.

My best previous guesses, “Women Over Eating”, “Wacky Over Eating”, “Weight Over Energy”, “Wasting Our Energy”, but none of that made much sense.


You may enjoy some of our other acronyms here: WIKI: Acronyms

Cover the “answers” and take a guess at those too. :wink:

(Omar Newsome) #7

IANAD had me completely perplexed! :joy:

(Eve) #8

I think an “Off Topic” forum would be a great idea. We are a community after all.