Post menopausal first fast

(Deborah Hoare) #1

Hi All,
This is my first fast. I saw Richard at the Gold Coast Low Carb Down Under conference, but too chicken hearted to say hi. A couple I was sitting next to told me about the 2ketodudes, so I am listening to all the podcasts, starting at number one. Loving them. I am 55, post menopausal, recovered from chronic fatigue syndrome, have been doing reasonably low carb for most of the last couple years, IF most days.Am about 3 kg off my goal weight.
Attempted my first fast this week. First 24 hours were no problem, but the second was awful. Am inordinately tired and lethargic. Have been drinking bone broth with added salt, ghee and coconut oil. Added in eating a tsp coconut oil with a pinch of salt. I’m surprised how nice it tastes. Added pink Himalayan salt and Mg Sulfate to my drinking water. Should I be doing something else as well? I have a low resting heartrate anyway, like less than 50bpm, but noticed last night it was down to 41bpm just before going to sleep. That seemed a bit really low.
Any suggestions on making my next attempt more copewithable?

(G) #2

Try starting with a few hours over 24 hr fast, then regular low carb/keto/IF day (depending on what you usually do), then 1-3days later a longer period fast abt 30-40hr, etc etc until u comfortably reach 48hs


Sometimes a gradual approach is easier. Try doing one meal a day for a week, this is a 23 hour fast. The following week, eliminate the one meal every other day (alternate day fasting), this is a 47 hour fast. After that, try eliminating a second meal, this is a 71 hour fast.

(Laurie) #4

I do 44-hour fasts (almost 2 days), which suit me fine–although I do have to adjust my exercise workouts a bit on the second day. I haven’t tried the following, but some folks do a 36-hour fast:

Fast for 24 hours, plus one night. For example, if you finish supper at 7 pm on Sunday, fast until 7 am on Tuesday.

PS. I’m 66.

(Deborah Hoare) #5

thank you everyone. I will wait till I recover from this attempt and give it another go