Possible relationship between covid-19 and blood sugar

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I haven’t had a cold, infection or virus since strict keto and with one exception for the last 6+ years being lo carb or keto. I used to get many ear infections, lung infections or other each year.

I pray this holds up against COVID-19. I do take an ace inhibitor that increased ACE2 in my lungs. So far my cardio is refusing to switch me to a calcium channel blocker.

We are three keto (2 for 18+ months) and 1 for 4 or 5 weeks. One young carb eater. We are all in the house together.

Peace, Love and Health to all of you.


The scientific reason behind consuming raw trans beta-carotene is because heating it over a certain temperature leads to the isomerization to various cis beta-carotene isomers. So we would need to convert cis beta-carotene back into trans beta-carotene before we can convert it into all-trans-retinol(active vitamin A) and I’m not sure how efficient or if we even can convert cis isomers back into the trans isomer.

Whether meat or fish should be eaten raw or cooked is up to each individual and their ability to digest it. I prefer cooking at low temperatures for an extended period of time.

Carrots have never kicked me out of ketosis but I eat one meal a day and not many of them.

I only drink carrot juice in an absolute emergency if I feel the slightest viral sensation because it definitely kicks me out of ketosis.

Carrots have antiviral compounds against coronaviruses. Mostly in their skin but I still lightly peel carrots to avoid the dirt taste.

The answer to this question involves answering why people smoke cigarettes in the first place or drink or do drugs.

I feel natural population control has to run its course. Maybe you can make me see different?

I ended up developing ARDS from the coronavirus because of my unique situation. I sprained my left rib from helping my brother fix his road salter and then moving heavy ass solid wood furniture didn’t help. This increased my changes of becoming infected.

What’s strange is that I had absolutely no fever or sore throat. One cough and then I had major trouble breathing by late afternoon. Seems like the Vitamin D did help the virus replicate fast on top of this unique situation.

I ended up making around 750ml of raw carrot juice. I drank it on an empty stomach and felt a major inflammatory response within 10 minutes throughout both my lungs. I went to sleep after dinner, woke up in the middle of the night to use the washroom, almost fainted and felt like I was going to puke, fell on the bed and woke up feeling well. I ended up making another round of just 500ml of carrot juice to make sure the coronavirus was taken care of.

My experience regarding this virus is that it shouldn’t be underestimated.

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How long were you intubation for?

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A low-carbohydrate diet, in particular a well-formulated ketogenic diet, has been shown to have positive effects on the immune system, and a strong immune system will help fight off the virus if one is exposed. So my conclusion is that LCHF/keto is a way of helping our bodies be as healthy as possible.

It is beginning to appear that once infected, eating some extra carbohydrate might help the immune system. Go figure!

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In the case of most cold viruses, particularly rhinoviruses, they mutate a lot, which is why immunity to one strain doesn’t protect us from getting a cold from a sufficiently different strain. The coronavirus also mutates rapidly, or so I’ve read, so it is probably a similar case. One could have an immunity from one strain but not from another.

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Every story I read says this is mutating slowly

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It seems like the virus has been around forever but it’s been a few months. Not enough time for many reliable answers. I will go on with diet and activity as usual with more focus on health and less on fitness. May be I’ll push harder on getting sleep.

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Evidence is slowly emerging that both the virus and COVID-19 have been around since at least early November and maybe October. There are reports slowly coming out that doctors in Wuhan were treating a ‘new’ severe form of pneumonia as early as October. This is speculation at the moment simply because the CCP government has been covering up everything about the virus and the disease to portray themselves as the good guys in all this.

The rapid spread of the virus around the world, I think, supports this contention. China imposed travel restrictions on Wuhan only on Jan 23. By then, the virus had probably been around for at least 3 to 3 1/2 months infecting many. All through December and into January, doctors were reporting treating patients with the ‘new’ pneumonia. By the time the travel restrictions were imposed, thousands of people had already entered and left the city. In addition, thousands had traveled to/from the city to/from other countries. It should come as no surprise that the virus’s impact in other countries began in cities with international air connections to China.

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Probably so. Michael - for things to work like that would be no surprise - it’s very similar timing to the Spanish Flu, if so. In the U.S. (1918) - first seen in March - April, got really bad September - November, so a delay of some months. In the U.K. - June - July was the beginning, with the really bad wave being October - January.


This seems like a simple solution to covid-19.

What do you have in your premix if you don’t mind me asking?


Pre-infection protocol:
Stay at home with my wife and 2 cats
8 - 9 hours sleep per night
Grounding walk in the sunshine in bear feet each morning
Swim each day, sometimes with high intensity sprints
Yoga twice a week
Standard hygiene rules - wash hands, don’t touch face, wash clothes, stay home except for essential travel, clean surfces (computer keyboard etc), try not to drive wife crazy (what happened to the lazy, fat man I married?)
Daily poo check to triangulate against inputs (doing well, hardly needs toilet paper)
Create and share art each day
Check in with family, friends and local community
Got my 2020 flu vaccination yesterday
Work full-time as a teacher (now online)
Learn more and adapt each day to the best COVID19 information
Black coffee once per day in the morning used as an appetite suppressant
Breakfast in the afternoon or OMAD
Bacon and eggs breakfast (if eaten)
Nutritious beef, lamb, fish or pork base meal for dinner (finding it is ketocarnivore adjacent)
Vegetables (minimal) include carrot, zucchini, pumpkin (squash), sweet potato and mushrooms.
Food salted with pink Himalayan salt and some “No Salt” (potassium based salt)
300mg Magnesium as magnesium citrate supplement 3 doses per day
Zinc acid chelate 125mg daily mixed with Manganese acid chelate Vitamin B6, Vitamin A
This is good to write out again because I realise the Selenium is missing (have to adjust that)
If I need a "cheat’ because I am not impervious to the stress of the times I will eat up to 2 pieces of local, in season, home grown (bartered) fruit - currently that is Nashi pears but moving toward early season mandarins.

That is good news about Resveratrol in a similar infection. Aren’t the surface nucleotide capsids of concern in SARSCov2 the S and the L capsids? The effect on the MERS virus was on the N cpasular nucleotide on my first reading. But I’ll take the Resveratrol, if offered at the time.


Interesting and comedic list.

Himalayan salt doesn’t give you health issues? I prefer pickling salt.

Which brand is the zinc chelate? I’ve been looking for a zinc supplement.

Regarding the resveratrol/coronavirus specifics. As they say… Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Long story short. I ended up getting coronavirus in my heart, cytokine storm syndrome and my heart rate at 100 over 100 for days. I felt last night was going to be my last night for fear of having a heart attack while trying to sleep. Resveratrol supplement stopped the cytokine storm, I believe killed the SARSCov2 virus and my blood pressure normalized. Then I gorged on sardines. Perfect light meal after the storm.

I’m still supplementing resveratrol because I’m type A blood and highly sensitive to this virus. My younger siblings are type O blood and are asymptomatic. I think they spread the virus without knowing?

I wonder how much worse it’s going to get before we get back to normal.


I’m having a hard time figuring out what to do with this virus. The key to beating this is out of our control because it all depends on what our immune system does . An immune system that fights it too much is detrimental to defeating it. I’m afraid to take the normal natural remedies because turning too much of the bodies defenses might actually lead to a bad outcome.

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When did you first test positive?


Where I am. Only those with lung symptoms supposedly have the virus. The hospitals don’t test. A separate agency does and I believe only those who meet their criteria. It’s a joke.

I went to the hospital and they told me I was having an anxiety attack when I’ve never had anxiety in my life and purposely keeping my heart rate at 100 over 100. Then they told me to slow my breathing but when I did this… My heart wasn’t getting enough oxygen and my breathing increased by itself to compensate.

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Sadly, with these policies, it’s impossible to truly know if it was COVID19. I was in an areas with early endemic community spread late February and developed a series of changing symptoms:

First sore throat for a couple days
Then diarrhea for a couple days
Then a fever for half a day
Then head congestion, slight malaise, and swollen lymph nodes
Then better—total about 10 days

Couldn’t get a test. I can’t know what it was either.


My sister with type O blood told me today she had all the exact same symptoms as you did. I believe it.

ACE-2 receptors are also found in the intestine. It seems symptoms depend on where the virus ends up down the shoot. Either the lungs or intestine or both.

I believe I saved my lungs with the raw carrot juice at the expense of letting some viruses into my blood stream during the inflammatory response. If I had do it again… I would take resveratrol with much less raw carrot juice to maintain ketosis and reduce the inflammatory response.

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where do you get resveratrol?

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The same place you get everything: Amazon