Possible relationship between covid-19 and blood sugar

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I was wondering about this. I couldn’t find any info on what energy source the virus prefers though.

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I don’t think you even know what slander…

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Dr Aseem Malhotra addresses the elephant in the room…the metabolically unhealthy…and what you can do to change your food by cooking at home now. Good Sky News interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CHAnzhRZFZ0&fbclid=IwAR2OuCMM_06XoYtrtF-vJmLgRawOGlVhu4MGtvhkycRn9vYuqoIb-f2H_t8


I’m wondering how many ACE-2 receptors each cell has. The virus needs to hook on the/a ACE-2 receptor to enter. So if another molecule binds to it… It would prevent the virus from entering the cell.

Interesting research.



My view is that it’s always better to loose a small battle if need be and win the war by supplementing with both Vitamin A and D when sick and go straight to sleep so the bone marrow can quickly make an abundance of immune system cells to kill the virus. We can’t make immune system cells without both Vitamin A and D as the paper above indicates.

I can tell my own vitamin D sufficiency by the hardness of my sneeze. This is an indication that vitamin D makes our lungs super strong. I’ve taken vitamin D for a decade now and can also tell I’m taking too much if I can’t fall asleep.


You’re right Consistency. We’re on the same page. This is the way I currently understand it and am hoping to be corrected in time, if I have got it wrong.

The key here is not to over-supplement (a fear response) Vitamin D when it is not needed. That is to say at the wrong time.

It is a tiny window of time I am trying to highlight for Vitamin D dosing decision making. Not to take extra Vitamin D supplement while feeling well, if you are confident of your quality food sources and you get plenty of sunshine, like many places closer to the equator and currently in the southern hemisphere of the planet.

Too much Vitamin D can encourage the lining cells to increase the ACE-2 receptors, thus allowing access to more virus into each cell.

But once the infection and the inflammatory response is underway, then Vitamin D is indicated to support the immune system along with Vitamin C, Zinc and Magnesium in the recovery regimen.

It’s that timing I wanted to highlight, after seeing people professing the benefits of Vitamin D in respiratory disease treatment (and they are right), but then saying to take the supplement prophylactically, and that is where it may do more harm than good. Especially when we see people claiming they are taking mega-doses of 10X more than the 1000 IU recommended. Those people may be inviting in a more massive virus dose.


I’ve kept my vitamin D dose to a daily multi-vitamin. I’ve also started using my tanning bed at about half the time I normally lay in the summer months… I usually don’t use the tanning bed often, but sunlight is a good therapy and it is in short supply in my part of the U.S. for the last few years. It practically rains four or five days a week here, so supplementation of sunlight is a necessity. I’ve read if you keep the amount of sun below levels that cause inflammation (sunburn) then it’s great for the immune system. If it gets really bad here then I will probably make the whole family including the kids at least get a few minutes in the tanning bed.

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I try to avoid suppliments, get what I need from food, but decide to take 50 mcg of D3 because it’s winter, and stop once I’m getting plenty of sun. Is there a reason to reconsider this in light of the virus?

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Presumably you mean reconsider stopping - i.e., not to reconsider taking Vit D? If so, I’d suggest continuing. We take 5000iU daily regardless of the season and sun (while trying to get 15-20 minutes of unblocked sun daily whenever practical).


Let’s say hypothetically we don’t take vitamin D or take less because we fear the virus will replicate faster if we do take high doses of Vitamin D. What is going to engulf(kill) the many increasing number of viruses when our immune system cells are low?

ACE-2 receptors will always be on the cell surface because their activation is required to regulate blood pressure. Less ACE-2 receptors isn’t going to prevent the virus from replicating.

You do make an excellent point regarding the dangers of only taking high doses of vitamin D but once we factor in sufficient Vitamin A and/or raw beta-carotene. Then those dangers seize to exist since we’re able to produce a lot more immune system cells to outnumber the viruses.

Ebola stricken countries suffer from this very problem. They have sufficient vitamin D but they’re vitamin A deficient.

This is a very good video I remembered watching on the importance of Vitamin A & D.

VDR=Vitamin D receptor
RXR=Vitamin A receptor

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I’m learning. Chrono lets me track everything. I use that to push me towards geting the micros via food. Doing that without eating the wrong carbs or organ meats can be a challenge. I see the point of taking D at least when I’m shut in most of the time. I’m slow and cautious about changing workouts or food.


People will do what they think is correct.

We can see the responses about taking Vitamin D ‘no matter what’ or because it is a habit etc.

And that works fine, and better than normal, when a normal is a potential vitamin D deficient state at the end of winter. It is directly associated with sunshine exposure deficiency.

If people are in that situation, then continuing vitamin D is the baseline because benefits outweigh detriment.


But mis-timed vitamin D in excess to requirements can theoretically make the risk of a more severe infection higher.

It is a juggling of ideas, contextualising the ideas specifically to this viral infection and understanding it is different to flu virus prevention in the specific detail of ACE-2 receptor expression on the cells and being able to deduce if supplementation is indicated.

I am in total agreement that vitamin D supplementation is indicated once a person is infected and during recovery. I’ve got the recommended 1000 iu daily dose built in my recovery plan.

The other way I look at this are the observations of the higher risk of dying from this infection if a person is on ACEI medication for high blood pressure. It is probably a confluence of multiple factors that increase the risk of dangerous lung injury. One key factor is the ACEI medication, like vitamin D over supplementation, will increase ACE-2 doorways to invite viruses into the lung lining cells.

So the way I’m looking at this discussion is the high specificity of timing extra Vitamin D supplementation when symptoms start because the virus is already in by then. And reverse engineering that to trying not to get infected, at that time, and this is the specific point, at that pre infection point not over supplementing Vitamin D and creating more ACE2 receptors through which the virus will enter.

Great discussion. Thanks for the extra information that forms around the specifics. Hopefully what we are saying will help people with their thinking and planning. I’m learning as I’m reading, writing and researching.


Hi Charlie. My thoughts. In your case continue supplementing because you are in winter and reduced sunshine exposure.

Here, where I am, we have bright, sunny autumn days. I’ll eat my healthy fats and make my own vitamin D out in the garden. In my case I won’t add extra supplementation.


My belief is only in what is self-evident and more often than not… it is more complex than it looks. I don’t have the mentality of what “I think” is right. I know first hand from experience how powerful raw carrot juice(low fiber) + lichen Vitamin D is against viruses and cancer. I can’t deny it and neither can those who I’ve shared this regimen with.

Those taking medication most likely have metabolic syndrome and weak immune systems to begin with. So I guess timing for vitamin D and hoping for the best is the prudent solution for these people.

Anyways. I had a hunch that covid-19 was similar to HIV due to the death count and it seems so…
https://www.delta-32.com/connections-between-covid-19-and-hiv.html (Research paper to download at the end)


This is good @Consistency. We are triangulating, even though it’s just the two of us, in on the problem.

I submit, as Prof Bikman would say, that you are coming at this from the “know thyself” human side, and I’m performing the pincer movement from the “know thy enemy” virus side. I like this teamwork.

Whole food Carrots are in my pre-infection mix as well. Yum yum beta carotene. But I will eat some organ meats as well, some beef liver in the beef stew. Maybe I shoul eat it raw? Like the carrots. They taste so sweet to me as I am working on nutritional ketosis.

You are providing good discussion and resources.

We have to remember that this is a novel viral infection. It almost is like it has arisen from a plot by a science fiction writer. Being a novel virus and a naive community, the likelihood of immunity is low. Possibly some cross immunity from regular ol’ corona virus infections that doesn’t seem to offer much protection against infection.

It would be great for older people to have a way of making their immune systems younger looking at the mortality distribution statistics.

With SARSCov2 being a novel virus, all our immune systems pretty much start at the same point when we get infected. Now we don’t want a hyper response and end up drowning with Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS), and we don’t want a weak immune response so that we don’t get rid of the virus and become a superspreader of disease in our community. Bring in Dr.Goldilocks, we want an immune and inflammatory response that is just right.

I agree that our body is the thing that will generate and regulate that response. And it is up to us, the soul, the conscious life force that inhabits this bag of bones to feed in the best nutritious inputs we can, so the required building blocks for an appropriate healing response result.

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Some believe the virus was circulating in the US as early as November. I think it’s possible that I and several members of my family may have had this in February. I was quite sick and had the worst cough ever. My doc even ordered a chest xray for me to make sure I didn’t have pneumonia. I am in my late sixties and have asthma. I was pretty sick for the entire month and had 2 courses of antibiotics and 2 of prednisone. Wish I knew if I do have antibodies to the virus, because I could help others who may be afraid to shop or run errands.

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@Tulip For what it’s worth, I have been sick off and on since October. I’d get flu or cold or both for 2-3 weeks, then start to get over it only to relapse a couple weeks later and do it all over again. I was able to self medicate with OTC meds, mostly Dayquil and Nyquil to control coughing so not to miss a lot of work. I did miss some, but not enough to hurt financially.

Most recently, as I was recovering from the latest bout of flu/cold I started to feel pain in my lungs when I coughed. I’ve had pneumonia multiple times during my life and I do not want to get it again, especially now. On a hunch, I started to inhale Vicks Inhaler with camphor through my mouth and directly into the lungs. Very deep breaths, hold a couple of seconds then exhale slowly through the nose. Within a couple of days my lungs were clear, pain gone. I felt fully recovered. I’ve been doing the same many times per day since and remain well. If you do this, you may experience some back of the mouth, top of the windpipe irritation for 2-3 days. I relieved this with Fishermans Friend. I think the menthol is the soothing agent. If you use Extra Strength it contains eucalyptus oil which is another antiseptic and will help keep the mouth and upper airways free of viruses.

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Something similar happened to me. I thought I had a cold in January, seemed to recover for about a week, and then a respiratory illness hit me hard. Since I have asthma, I have 2 inhalers and a nebulizer, but none of that helped much. When my doctor listened to my lungs, she was amazed that my oxygen levels were still fine considering how bad my lungs sounded. The dry cough was just awful, and prescription cough medicine (what I call the nuclear option) didn’t lessen it at all. I agree with you… I hope to never go through that again. My daughter’s family had the same illness, and we all thought we had the flu.

Thanks for the tip about the Vicks.

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I had a low grade something in January. I’m sure it was not the virus. The symptoms described by confirmed cases seem very different. Apparently some engineers in the uk have come up with a quick and dirty ventilator that will be cheap to make with off the shelf parts. They say they’ll put the prints in the public domain.


My parents came off a cruise sick in early February. Within four days of being around them I had a sudden onset of horrible muscle aches, low fever, and dry cough which I alluded to on here. It went through my whole house within a week. Only one of the kids was tested for the flu and it was negative. I doubt it was the Coronavirus, but it would be nice if it was. I would like to get my hands on one of the test coming out to see if you have immunity against it. My case didn’t last near as long as the rest of the family, but that might of been because I hit the bourbon pretty hard on day 2. Lol

Health care workers around here swear that they saw dozens of patients the last few months that had flu like symptoms that was not testing positive to any of the available flu tests. It would be best case scenario that some of those cases were mild covid-19 cases and more people will be immune than we think.

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There are a LOT of brains working on every possible aspect of the virus. The quality of science has never been higher, the number of available scientists is high, communication is state of the art. Not every problem has a solution but, so far, I’m encouraged.