Podcasts loading slowly on apple podcasts


For several weeks now, the podcast is very slow to start. it often takes over a minute. sometimes it does NOT load (or maybe I just get frustrated and move on) . I use apple podcasts and its the same problem on all my devices and on different wifi. None of my other podcasts are affected? anyone else? what could it be?

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Do you have the same problem if you download first, and then listen, once the download has finished?

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I use Overcast on iPhone and I have never experienced what you’re describing. Frankly, I’m unclear what you’re experiencing, by way of “slow loading.”

What player do you use? As @PaulL asks, are you streaming or pre-downloading the audio file?


Yeah, I had great trouble trying to download last week’s podcast (Shawn Baker). Ridiculously slow, whether directly from the Dudes’ website or via a podcast app (e.g. Player). Ended up just streaming on my laptop because I literally could not get the ep to download successfully, despite many attempts.

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I’m having the exact same problem on Apple Podcasts but it seems to be more with the older podcasts than the newer ones.

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I have this problem working my way through their old library, it will spin and spin many times through a playback. It doesn’t happen with other podcasts I listen to, so I assume it’s their servers.

I use an older app called podcast addict, and it allows me to download new podcasts (that I’m subscribed to) automatically at night while I’m sleeping. So I have a fresh set every morning :):grinning:


It takes several seconds to start downloading .-or at least for the progress wheel to start moving . Then it downloads at a normal rate Once its downloaded , there is no delay when played so it’s not dead space at the beginning of the file


Streaming. If I download it, there’s a delay before it starts downloading then plays fine once downloaded. I prefer not to download.

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I’m on board with @Screenack. The Apple podcasts app drove me insane early on. I got Pocketcasts instead and it works fine. I also stream rather than download.

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That’s the rub, and outside the control of the 2 dudes and dudettes. Streaming is subject to the shifting nature of your phone’s available bandwidth and current network capabilities and status. Incidentally, it’s why I set my player to the three most recent episodes for any podcast I listen to.


I listen to about 12 podcast on a semi regular basis. (I drive a lot. And I don’t sleep. ) This is the only one with that delay. It’s like there’s a big empty air space for 20 to 60 seconds at the beginning of every podcast. Now that I figured out it will eventually start, it’s annoying but not a dealbreaker