Please explain how meat plays a role here?

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I get so frustrated when this stuff continues to get spewed. What the ???

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The Nutrition Deparment of the Harvard School of Public Health was established with the help of the sugar insdustry, which has been supporting the department’s budget ever since. Harvard researchers have been bad-mouthing fat in order to take the heat off sugar ever since. A professor in the UC system (Gary Taubes talks about meeting her) discovered a cache of Sugar Association memos in one of the campus libraries, in which various researchers from Harvard are listed, along with the payments they received. These memos were published a few years ago, to great embarrassment all round.

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The title of this article is the problem (and shows their obvious bias) - “Meat-free” for some vegans includes Oreos and Doritos.
The article then specified “plant-based” which has nothing to do with Oreos and Doritos.

It doesn’t take a study to prove to anyone that a whole food / plant based diet (i.e. they stop all processed / fake foods) is going to help people with type 2 diabetes (who may have become type 2 through the standard American diet - which happens to include a lot of meat along with the processed / refined foods).

They’re just ignoring the fact that a whole food Keto (with meat) WOE will probably reverse type 2 diabetes faster and with a better set (overall) of blood markers.

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Honestly, despite the cachet of the Harvard name, anymore when I see “Harvard Health” I’m conditioned to expect something stupid.

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Someone has to be supporting it in order for them to continue to publish suchgarbage. As Paul said, sugar companies. It is sad that there is no moral integrity and disregard for life.
I agree with the Harvard branding as stupid, just wish it could be stopped.

Oh well! Rant over.


There was a similar article on cnn yesterday

I came across other news blaming cows for everything that is bad in this world… Keto will be back in the news by next week :wink:

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I hope this is true. There seems to be a good bit of money behind the current blitz.

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Probably down to the release of the IPCC paper on land usage which has been reported all over the media as being pro WFPB whereas the report itself doesn’t quite say that.

However there are many interested parties who would prefer that it had.


Must be Monsanto and sugar lobbyists came back from vacations last week… :wink: Keto crowds are still on vacations, we all showed up a little later :wink:

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The article doesn’t mention vegan, but that is what they are advocating with their list of foods. And clean vegan with no sugar or refined carbs.

Lots of pro-vegan articles swipe at keto by saying “eliminating an entire food group/macro is unsustainable and too restrictive”. But you never see the same thing said about vegan.

To me, never eating meat, bacon, eggs, cream and cheese again is unsustainable and too restrictive. Vegans don’t eat ANY of those. At least with carbs we can have limited portions.

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Another interesting view.
NOTE** (the disclaimer)


I do like my beef :slight_smile:

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It does in fact work, you can get the same benefits of meat from plants, wheat germ, wild rice and a certain specie of sea weed, palm oil (7 grams of saturated fat to 1tbsp or 13.6 grams), just like nutritional yeast and brewers yeast (great for extended fasting) and things like chia seeds, powdered wheat grass can increase the benefit of a ketogenic diet considerably.

Carbs from plants are complex carbs not simple carbs like you find in refined sugar and junk food (what confuses people when they hear the word carb), no need to be frustrated there are just different ways to do it!

Simply eating meat and animal fats are convenient more accessible to some people and does not require much thought!

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I don’t believe that’s true at all. Basically all of what you get from meat is available in a great form. Basically none of the same is true about plants. Moreover, plants are filled with toxins, anti-nutrients, fiber (which causes reduced absorption of nutrients), etc. There are plenty of studies where they give people plants and find the amount absorbed is nowhere near the amount they thought would be absorbed. There is also a study where they give people oysters (I believe) by themselves, or with a plant, and by themselves, you get zinc, with plants, you don’t.

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IMPO, their are both healthy, and unhealthy ways to eat Vegatarian, and the same holds true for Keto… Except, I believe it’s “easier” to get all the vitamins, minerals, and BCAA’s (branch chain amino acids) that we need, when eating meat.

Honestly, I think it’s “easiest of all” to get everything we need, eating omniverously… However, if your a food hog like me, that leads to a whole other load of problems.

For myself, keto with a lot of meat, has been the easiest way to lose weight and feel good.