Plasma Ketone Levels Matter - Prevent, Reverse Cognitive Decline

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We often have discussions where folks ask about their ‘ketone levels’ as determined by blood tests. The standard response, and I’ve said it many times, is that the absolute number doesn’t really matter, that there’s no evidence to show that 1.5 or 2.0 mmol/L are better than 1.0 for example. As long as you have detectable ketones you’re OK. Well, this video is evidence that it does matter and it matters more and more the older you get. So let’s start the conversation:

What keto levels should I aim for to bulk up?
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Type III diabetes (Alzheimer’s disease) might well be one of the cases in which exogenous ketones are worth their price.

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Interestingly, Cunnane determined that a ketogenic diet could do as much and in some cases more than exogenous ketones. He notes the problems getting older folks to adhere to a ketogenic diet. He hasn’t met me yet! :sunglasses:

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I suppose it depends on the case, but one post I remember from a couple of years ago was by a member who found it easier to put her mother on exogenous ketones than to persuade her to give up carbs. It’s just a case of doing what works, I guess.

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I remember that case @PaulL . Her mom was absolutely not going to give up the carby things that she loved but was wiling to take the exogenous ketones. Given no other choice I think it was a good call for her mom as a what to lose scenario.

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I think there are plenty of times when higher ketones might matter: any type of mental illness, including depression; cancer; if you feel better with higher ketones; etc. Probably helps with Alzheimer’s, too.

I think having higher ketones does not correlate well with weight loss though. And for someone like me (in ketosis “forever”), I don’t seem to get much of a clearer mind with higher ketones. Or if I do, I can’t tell. Then again, I’ve never tried a test of this. I can’t take most MCT oils. I’ve tried exogenous ketones, and couldn’t see any rise in ketone levels (though admittedly the meters aren’t accurate).

At some point, I’ll do a PKD to see what happens, if I can ever find beef fat again.