Pickled Pork Skins

(Troy) #1

First time for everything :smile:
Just bought this tonight!

(Rob) #2

What are you going to do with them? :thinking:

(Ken) #3

Wow, I never knew those existed. How do they taste? Are they the same as the skin on pickled pig’s feet? Pork skin is available by the case, I use it to roast my own pork rinds, but I might pickle some next time I buy a case.

(Troy) #4

Great Questions, yeah
I’m going to try later today

I have no idea what to do w them. Lol
Perhaps, use as topping like on top of CRUNCHY pork rinds😂
W some type of fatty meat, guacamole , olives
KETO Tostado

TBD - depending on the taste
I like pickles, vinegar, so hoping it will not be too bad
Texture thing it looks like though

(Jo O) #5

If it’s anything like pickled pigs feet…it will be VERY Sour. Definitely not the texture of chicharrone.

(Karen) #6

Tostadas use a lettuce leaf?


(Jo O) #7

Yum! That looks good!!

(Jan) #8

I see these at a local Mexican grocery store - never tried them. Please report back!

(Jan) #9

Ok @240lbfatloss, how do YOU make your pork rinds? Any tips?

(Ken) #10

You can either deep fry them or roast them in a jet stream type oven. Since I like pickled feet and hocks (I always get a big leptin response) I’ll pickle a few jars next time I buy a case.

(Ken) #11

Here’s another off-the-wall pork skin treat. Sometimes Wal-mart has raw hams. (Uncured). All the tasty fat is there, right under the skin, which is different than when you buy skins by the case, the fat is removed. On the raw ham I like to peel off the skin with a layer of fat attached underneath, cut it into about three or four inch square pieces, season and roast skin up in my jet stream until the skin is crunchy. It’s awesome!

(Troy) #12

I Will😃
Still haven’t tried yet

(Nnikkey) #13

I eat pickled pork skins with lemon, sliced cucumber, and chile powder. You can even add a few pieces of sliced jicama if you like jicama =)