Picanha ! For real this time :)

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So my GF has been getting beef online, and one of the packages had a chunk of beef that was labeled … either “top”… or “bottom” Sirloin Cap. I don’t remember for sure. All I ‘do’ remember, was that it didn’t sound correct for what I have been told was Picanha. However, it looked exactly like the cut that Guga and crew are constantly raving about.
So I cut it into 4 nice little steaks, marinaded over night in low sodium Soy Sauce, and seasoned with granulated garlic, and black pepper. I also went ahead and cut up a little Tri Tip roast, into 4 small steaks, to be SV’d in a separate bag, but during the same cooking… so same 135 temp, and for 2 1/2 hrs. Marinaded and seasoned exactly the same.

Results; The Picanha was freaking amazing ! SO much flavor, super tender, but not ‘soft’. And very juicy :slight_smile: So I guess Guga and crew are right ! Now, for me to say this is “better” than a choice cut Rib Eye… hmmm. I dunno, but it’s actually close. If I could find this stuff easily, on a regular basis, for half the price as Ribeye, then heck yes, it would be my new go to, for steaks :slight_smile:

Oh, and guess what… The Tri Tip steaks SV’ed at the same time and temp, marinaded and seasoned the same, were not near as good. Substantially tougher, and dryer too :frowning: What this tells me is, “whole Tri Tip Roasts” done for 16 or 18 hrs, are the way to go ! But not for 2-3 hr steaks.

Oh, the Picanha is away from the noodles… Looks kind of dark in the photo, but had some nice pinkness inside. I might start doing 133 though, instead of 135…

The side dish was Zucchini noodles, which were fantastic ! Good thing my GF didn’t make any more than she did, as Id have ate 3 X’s more than I needed :wink: Instead, I just ate 3 steaks… the two on my plate, plus one more Picanha :slight_smile: Mmmm. Great dinner. And some kind of Blueberry cream thing my GF made for desert, which was also off the chain !

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If you can find out, that would be cool. I’ve thought about trying it, too, but have never seen anything labeled Picanha. Never seen tri-tip locally either.

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The search engines say it’s the “top sirloin cap”.

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Okay yes, I think that’s what it was labeled… But I also think someone said, “No, Picanha is bottom round”…
I dunno… But this stuff was excellent ! I’m sure if my GF looked at her previous order, we could find out for sure… And then I could walk in and tell the butcher, “I want a truckload of this stuff please” :grinning:


hey Chris! We love picanha, and we buy it from a local brazilian butcher shop. It’s super cheap and delicious. Do you have any idea how to find reliable nutrition facts on it? When I research it, it’s all over the map on different sources!

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I would assume it’s pretty close to the same nutrition as most other beef. I mean I’m not paying much attention to that stuff anyway.

Just keeping my carbs down around 30 a day. And my weight has been rock solid for 10 months.

We used Picanha this evening for our jalepeno beef poppers :slightly_smiling_face:
And I have a couple left for steak and eggs breakfasts :slightly_smiling_face: