Physical stomach pain during fasting


(Derek I. Batting) #1


I’ve done a few 16/8 fasts and they have been relatively easy (also, thanks to you awesome people for the information and incentive), but today, I’m going for a 24 hour fast or better and I’ve noticed that my stomach is physically hurting. It’s that kind of pain where your stomach is collapsing in on itself and there’s nothing in it. I’m drinking water and tea to the point of being near waterlogged but not over-stuffing myself.

What can I do about this? Are there stretches that might move things around a bit in there to offer some relief? Has anyone else experienced this? I never hear anyone else talk about the physical sensation of their empty stomach except being hungry.



I get something similar, maybe not to the same degree, but what I use is club soda and/or mineral water plain and sometimes with Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) and it clears up for me. I prefer Pellegrino, but club soda is often much cheaper and is pretty close in its effectiveness for me.


Interesting, I don’t experience pain until many days in (like more than 2 weeks). Are you experiencing acid reflux type sensation?

(Derek I. Batting) #4

Nope. Everything’s great except for the occasional pain. It comes and goes (as I would expect), but when it hits, man… it’s powerful.

(Craig D'Andrea) #5

Maybe try drinking warm or even hot water in less amounts at a time. As opposed to chugging cold water which can upset your stomach. I’ve also heard drinking too much water can irritate the stomach. Hope this helps!