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I kind of got it in my head what I think I should to do but want to run it by someone for opinions. For the past five or six months I’ve been balancing calcium and magnesium , calcium doesn’t seem to coincide with many other minerals for absorption so I’ve been taking it with my second meal that includes eggs, cheese and quinoa. So now I found out calcium should be in balance with phosphorus, I’m not sure but I think it’s at least suppose to be in balance in the same meal and be in the intestines at the same time as phosphorus, so that’s not too hard to do, I end up with approximately 1500-1700 mg of calcium for the day, so now I figure I’ll need to get more magnesium to balance with calcium (at a separate meal). It would make sense to me that if I get 150% of magnesium, shouldn’t I aim for 150% of most all vitamins and minerals? isn’t the RDA the minimum that we need for health? plus lets say we eat a 3000 calorie diet as opposed to the 2000 used in the RDA, would we be wise to increase vitamins and minerals to 150% to match? maybe some vitamins RDA are OK no matter if your 100 lbs or 300 lbs? if I could get calcium and phosphorous down for now I’d be happy. Thanks for reading.

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Personally I think you’re overthinking something that isn’t really necessary. Supplementing calcium may not be beneficial to heart health. And if you’re eating broccoli, kale, almonds, canned fish with small bones like sardines and pink salmon, cheese, mustard or collard greens you can get adequate calcium in your diet. Food sources are vastly superior. I do supplement 400 mg of magnesium glycinate a couple of hours before I bed. I get monthly blood labs and calcium is always in line for me.

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Thanks, I guess it’s worth mentioning that I try to get as much micro nutrition from food and supplement different most days just to bring me into balance, thank you for the quick reply, Dan

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Since a magnesium atom is at the center of every chlorophyll molecule, you will get plenty of it by eating leafy greens.

I am of the belief that if I can’t get everything my body needs in my diet, then I need to change my diet.