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Daisy's latest extraordinary women, Louise and Suzie, return to the podcast to chat about the recent PHC conference that was held in London.


Louise Reynolds is a military wife to Andrew and mum of three adult sons. In her working life, she was the first Australian female paramedic to gain a PhD and has spent the last 15 years teaching university paramedic and health science programs in Australia and now the UK. Since 2015, she has been using low carb/keto to maintain her 130lb (60kg) weight loss. In her spare time, she is strength training at the gym and planning overseas travel.

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Suzie Edge is a former NHS doctor and medical molecular biologist. She trained in the department of orthopaedic surgery but left recently to set up her own business, helping others in real-food health with their digital media marketing and social media content, an area she worked in before being a doctor. 

Suzie has been through her own health and weight loss journey, discovering low carb and the keto way of eating through the work of Gary Taubes and Robert Lustig. She now spends her time thinking about how we might get the messages of low carb and real food out as far as possible.

At home Suzie is a Mum of two girls whose diet she is finding harder and harder to influence.

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You can find videos of previous year's presentations on the PHC YouTube Channel. Watch that space too for the 2019 presentations which should be released within a few months.

How about a fun day out for all the family where you can meet with like-minded people who are into real food?

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