Phase 2 in Rings Push Day

(Vladaar Malane) #1

Holy cow the difficulty level jumped up. I am good with it, except for the tuck to tuck shoulder stand, I am running out of strength and falling awkwardly out of it.

I am planning on doing success thread photos, but having difficulty finding my picture when I weighed the most, convenient when your fat, eh? LoL, I found one but it’s not great, I want a big belly shot, because that was where most of my fat was, and my under my chin which I still have some under the chin, grrrr. I thought it has only been like 2 years, but my doctor charts show me in 2014 weighing in at 255 pounds. Today I weighed this morning at 181 pounds. Anyway, I rambled off from the new phase 2 workout, but just want folks to know I didn’t start this in shape, I was in terrible shape and couldn’t do a single pull up.

Also L-Sits but didn’t record those ran out of power on phone.