PFT - Personal Fat Threshold

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I’ve encountered this idea before, and my impression is that it is largely speculation. Dr. Naiman is known for taking interesting ideas and then running with them past the limits of the data.

Myself, I lean toward mitochondrial damage and chronic systemic inflammation as the more likely underlying causes of metabolic dysfunction. The twin evils of industrial seed oil and inexpensive refined sugar both began to permeate the American diet around the same time, and it is difficult to disentangle their effects. Their effects may, indeed, have been synergistic.

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I like this quote she cites by Dr. Ted Naiman, one thing I struggled to understand is the logic behind over-eating fat (long-term) just because of the restriction on carbohydrates, not logical unless your thin as a rail? Over-eating protein same result if your not diabetic?

”…To be clear, this is really an individual thing. Some people can do super-high-fat keto and still lose weight, but some of us have to use a lighter hand with the added fats and oils. Here’s what Dr. Naiman said on an outstanding episode of the Human Performance Outliers Podcast:

“In my clinical practice, on a regular basis, I see people on strict ketogenic diets who are completely stalled out. Like, they eat absolutely no carbs and they’re way fatter than they want to be. I see diabetics whose blood sugar stops going down. I see people who their waist circumference stops going down. I’ve seen people gain 50, 60 pounds on a strict ketogenic diet. I’m talking food logs, and ketone readings, and the fact is, as soon as you restrict carbs, you become fat-adapted. You become very good at burning fat. That’s great. But if the amount of fat you eat every day exceeds the amount of fat you burn, you are literally gonna gain weight and your blood sugar’s gonna go up if you’ve exceeded your personal fat threshold. I’ve had diabetics come in and their A1c has gone up several percentages on a strict ketogenic diet. I know that it’s possible to eat too much fat, and personally I think it’s because their protein-to-fat ratio is too low, so they’re overeating fat.

Think this might be happening to you? Check out my blog post on how to cut fat on keto and why you might want to, and maybe watch this video on things that can stall fat loss on keto. (I also did a brief follow-up part 2 video to explain things better.)

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I think it’s not as clear-cut as excess fat going straight to storage. If it’s not used, it could just as easily go through undigested.

And I totally agree on Ted Naiman, he came up with this zinger a while. There’s no need for a caloric surplus to gain muscle, as long as you get your protein in. Guy needs to lay off the sweeping statements.