Period cramps and headache since I started Keto ...should I go on?

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Hi all, I’m 44 and have been on bcp because my doctor asked me to in order to avoid relapse of endometriosis which I had 4yrs ago on both sides of my ovaries.

I started keto three months ago, the first two weeks were heaven! I hadn’t felt that energetic for a few years. Lost 2kg in the second week without exercise but I didn’t lose more weight since then. My weight was between 54.5-56.5kg since then.

What happened in the third week of keto journey was I started having period cramp and my period came one week early. I wasn’t too concerned but that on and off spotting and period lasted about three weeks.

My second period happened more or less in the same way but PMS was worse than the first time. It also lasted about 3 weeks.

My third period is now and it started since Feb 1st. First two weeks was ok but in this third week, the flow was stronger and my pms is killing me. The headache and cramp…in the second week, I took sushi and dim sum in order to a break so I had two carbs dinner. I went back to keto diet after that.

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Keto rebalances your hormones so often causes period issues short-term. Stick with it, you’ll thank yourself afterwards.

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Thanks. I’m hoping to see that reset happen because I have always been sick the past few years.

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It often seems to take a while for women’s hormones to re-regulate themselves. There are plenty of threads about it in our Health forum. They make horrific reading if you’re a guy, but you ladies seem to be tougher than we are, lol!

Anyway, it does seem that if you can ride out the initial craziness, the subsequent results make it all worthwhile.

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I suspect the endometriosis indicates you had some hormone balance problems to begin with. So the rebalancing phase may be worse in your case… but. Most women find that once they get past that things are better than ever. If you had PCOS be careful! Keto babies are a thing because women were used to infertility, and that’s resolved. Also women who had recently entered menopause start periods again for a while. So I’d stick to it for a while. Anyway, the adjustment period should just be a few months. You are probably close to the end of that.

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Thanks, I like the comments and support I can find here! There’s no one around who is doing keto so I feel helpless and lonely :see_no_evil:

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Thanks Ruina! What you said makes me feel my current suffering is justifiable haha. I feel hopeful and less scared now. I’m supposed to start my bcp today but I wonder if I should start it on day 1 of my next period coz my bcp did not sync with my menstrual period in the past two months🤔

Thanks for the reminder on Keto babies as well…I couldn’t imagine having a baby now

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That said… if it keeps going on, get some advice from someone more qualified than a random person on the internet. (Me. I’m the random person on the internet.)


Check out
Daisy addresses everything female related plus great keto information for anyone.

Daisy also has a FB page if you are into that sort of stuff.


I am over a year on keto and have had more issues with my period now than before. However, I attribute it to pre menopause and not keto. I am 42 so I am right in that range to start these issues (shorter, random cycles, spotting etc). I have an appointment next month with my GP to discuss this but she is anti keto so i will see how this goes. Good luck.

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Welcome to the forums P_Bash.

When I went through menopause, I started eating lower carb, not Keto, but 40c/30P/30f. It helped me a lot and I lost weight doing that. Keep my ranging hormones in check most of the time, only had hot flashes sporadically. Use only the good oils, butter, lard, EVOO, & avocado oil, lots of greens, some berries, and rich sources of protein and you should do fine.

All the best sorting yourself out.


Thanks. This is actually my second account here. I tried to get back into my old one @Pbash but I couldn’t get a password reset sent to me. But, now I can have a picture attached to my account so it is even better now.

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Hi, so what did your doctor say?! I’m due for a check up in two months. Feeling nervous haha


It is not until next Monday so I will have to keep waiting a bit longer. But, I will keep you posted.