Peanut oil on keto?

(Adriana Ro) #1

Since we can eat peanuts and Peanut butter on keto… is peanut oil keto-friendly? If not, what type of oil do you use to deep fry food?

(Jay Patten) #2

Leave the peanut oil behind and opt for healthier oils like avocado, coconut and olive oil.

Peanut oil won’t do any damage if you just eat it every now and again, but long term, it’s best to avoid because of its nutrient profile.

(Jay Patten) #3

Animal fat is best for frying.

(Adriana Ro) #4

Great! Thank you

(Carl Keller) #5

If the oil is hydrogenated, then it’s best to avoid it. There’s a fair amount of evidence and theories that link diabetes with hydrogenated oils. Aside from olive oil, if it’s a vegetable oil, don’t use it.

(Scott) #6

Also tree nuts are much better for you than peanuts.

(Susan) #7

We can? I thought we are supposed to avoid these, and replace with Almond Butter instead.