Pbar LSit attempt

(Vladaar Malane) #1

Not quite there, but fun to push yourself in a attempt as long as no injuries.

(Bob M) #2

I do those on my dip bar. Gives me a bit more leeway, as I have short arms. For instance, I can’t do L-sits on the floor.

What other things do you do with the P bar? Pushups?

(Vladaar Malane) #3

I don’t do much with pbars yet. But there are tons you can do. pbars is definitely a press strength builder. Check out this playlist for pbars.

(Bob M) #4

Thanks, I’ll look into that. I want to add something to increase variety. But I also have a torn shoulder and another that’s been repaired, so I have to be careful.

For chest, I’m doing pushups with one hand on a ball, then “1/2” one arm pushups (one arm is pushing while the other is “resting” on the floor, away from the body). Then, true one arm pushups on the steps. Then multiple “regular” pushups: flat; feet on stool; second step; fourth step. Then “pushups” using rings, higher up though.

I’d like something to add to that, for variety. Can do dips, but they have to be “assisted” (feet on stool); my shoulders are too weak and I’m too heavy or both.

(Vladaar Malane) #5

Yikes, yeah injuries suck. I would add a shoulder pre-hab routine before any workout that involved them till they got stronger. Not necessarily the one below, but it’s example.

(Bob M) #6

Coolness, I’ll check that out, too.

(Bob M) #7

By the way, have you seen an increase in girth due to L-sits?

Pre-pandemic, I was doing L-sits and the like during my workouts, but only 2x/week.

Post-pandemic, I am doing L-sits plus a lot more in the way of abs (eg, hanging leg raises, “side ups”, which are basically planks on one arm and you move your body away from that arm, etc.), and 3x/week. I can now contract my abs and slam my hand into my abs, making a “thunking” sound.

Great in terms of core strength, but I actually gained at least 1 maybe a few inches on my waist.

(Vladaar Malane) #8

I’m actually losing body fat around the waist. Which confused me, because the trainer at Golds Gym who was a nerd on the subject of muscle growth told me years ago that if you have fat on the stomach the muscle is behind it. Don’t work out your abs, until you do the cardio that reduces the fat or you will have bloated abs as the muscle pushes the fat out farther.

However, I have found using the gymnasticbodies.com training I am hitting abs from all sides and the fat is actually getting less. Not sure if just getting lucky on the fat loss, as you can’t chose where you lose it or not.

(Bob M) #9

I’m not sure I agree with that trainer, solely because I don’t think cardio causes weight loss. Heck, I rode my bike 90+ miles/week in the summer and still gained weight.

It might be just that my belly fat is very obdurate (genetics? My dad had a belly too). I also take carvedilol, which I’ve found inhibits lipolysis. As always, there are never any answers, only more questions.

(Central Florida Bob ) #10

@Vladaar_Malane and @ctviggen I’ve been reading your conversation about parallet workouts. The ones in the GMB video sure look like no more than an hour in the wood shop. If I go look for them for sale online, I see a stunning variety of sizes and features.

I need to read more about this. Any recommendations?

I’m trying to add some to my workouts but have problems with pushups because of arthritis in my hands. Right hand is worse. I can’t just flatten my right hand and do a pushup on the floor because of the pain in my right hand. I think (but don’t know) that the act of wrapping my hand around a bar would help.

I do bench presses on my Bowflex, and that has cushioned grips. Even those hurt but more after the workout than during.


(Vladaar Malane) #11

I was lazy and bought mine on Amazon I think for 50 dollars a few years ago, but you certainly can build them.

Easiest build is something like this.

lower to ground bars > difficulty in workout. higher to ground clearance is easier. Most beginners start out with high clearance and switch to lower when they get more advanced.

(Central Florida Bob ) #12


I have a couple of issues I need to consider. My hands are one thing but the second might be more serious. I have an umbilical hernia, so I have to be wary of core exercises.

I need to do some research here.

(Vladaar Malane) #13

Yeah definitely make sure doc ok with that, pbars can put some serious strain on the core, as well as shoulders, triceps, chest.

(Bob M) #14

I have found L-sits to be very difficult. I can get to about 90 degrees, and do this for maybe 20 seconds. Then I have to repeat, usually twice. End up at maybe 35 seconds or so, total.

(Bob M) #15

This is what I bought:

I do pull ups/rows, dips, L-sits, leg raises, even some “push ups” on the ends. And “dips” means assisted by my legs on a stool.

You could make a set, but sometimes it’s easier to buy.