Papa Murphy's now has a crustless pizza option!


See this Reddit post:

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Looks like a pizza casserole. :slight_smile:

I checked my local store and they offer it. However, I don’t see anything on their website with nutritional information yet…

It comes in a 7" x 9" tray. Price is $7.49 plus $1.50 per topping. The listed specialty pizzas were either $13.99 or $14.99.

I did find some nutritional information on the order pages for specialty pizzas:

Specialty Pizza Fats Proteins Carbs Calories Percent
Cowboy 100 75 28 1312 8.5%
Papa’s All Meat 108 88 25 1424 7.0%
Papa’s Favorite 104 77 33 1376 9.6%
Chicken Bacon Artichoke 89 91 23 1257 7.3%
Gourmet Vegetarian 79 57 23 1031 8.9%

I computed the calories and % of carb calories. No details on whether the carbs are total or net carbs. I would suspect total.

(Full Metal KETO AF) #2

In America I would expect and count them as net carbs. Assuming it’s Total Carbs might just be a shot in your foot. I would assume they’re all sugars and starches, not fiber. Besides with no crust where would fiber be? Usually pizza crust is white flour without fiber anyway. :cowboy_hat_face:

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I am so glad places are starting to have crustless options! How does the volume of toppings compare between the crustless and crust versions? Around $14 seems expensive compared to the cost of their pizza with crust, especially with the specials.


American is about the only place I would expect them to be total carbs, since most other countries use nutritional labels that list digestible carbs.

The tomato sauce. The vegetable toppings – onions, mushrooms, artichoke hearts, peppers, etc.

I did note when going through the “make your own” process, their “traditional red” sauce does not have a “KF” (Keto-Friendly) notation on it, so I assume it has some sugar added to the tomatoes? Two other sauce choices, BBQ and sweet chili, also lack the “KF”. Pineapple is the only topping lacking the “KF”.

Specialty Pizza Fats Proteins Carbs Calories Percent
Cowboy (KF) 100 75 28 1312 8.5%
Cowboy (medium regular) 125 112 211 2410 35.0%

Both are $13.99. Based on the comparison of macros, most of the difference can be explained by the lost of crust.

From that perspective, it’s similar to ordering a McDouble from McDonald’s and tossing the bun, or not ordering the bun (230 calories vs 390 calories). The bun is a big portion of the overall calories. But we don’t get a lower price for not taking the bun.

The cost per calorie at Papa Murphy’s will go down as the pizza goes to large or family sizes. And, as you note, the cost is even less with specials. But the specials may apply to the keto-friendly pizzas as well? My next promotional mailing from them could be interesting.

(Anne Brodie) #6

I get what you are saying. There is a local pizza place here that does crustless and I order the same as anyone else but rather than scrape off the crust I don’t have to deal with it (or waste it). I wasn’t sure if Papa Murphy’s do the same, where a large is large whether with or without crust. Right now there is a special (here anyway) where a Papa Murphy’s large cowboy is $10. Sounds like either with or without crust it would be $10, and that is great with me.