Pamela Zorn


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Daisy's latest extraordinary woman, Pamela, shares her passion for wine and cheese.

Pamela has been keto for about a year. In that time, she has lost about 40 lbs and gone from a size 20 to a size 12 pants, extra large shirts to a medium. Her asthma and hypoglycemia are gone and she has even done a 72 hour fast.

Pamela and her husband own a cheese and wine workshop store in Denver called wine and whey

You can find find out more about the workshops they offer at Pamela has been teaching wine and cheese classes for over 4 years and is currently working on the plan to be a traveling cheese instructor.

This week’s quotes are from Charles de Gaulle…

“How can you govern a country which has 246 varieties of cheese?”

and Bertolt Brecht…

“What happens to the hole when the cheese is gone?”

(Jeanne Wagner) #2

I really enjoyed this podcast Daisy, and learning about the wine and cheese was great. I feel better educated. :+1:


I actually got to try burrata - along with bone marrow and sweetbreads - for the first time last night. Amazing.