Paleo bread

(chris) #1

I went to visit a new health food grocery store called Natural Grocers which is an uncommon store in the middle of Iowa. I took my time to look at all the billions of vitamins/herbs and fresh veggies and thought maybe they would have something like mahlers bread. Well they did have Paleo bread where it has 1net carb per slice but this very small looking loaf was 12 dollars and came in almond and coconut. I did buy it just to see what its like but probably would not buy it again at that price.

It is interesting to see that this bread made by Julian Bakery is only 3 miles away from Mahler’s bakery they are both in Oceanside California.

(Cindy) #2

Be cautious of Julian Bakery. Just search online for the company name and lawsuit to read for yourself.


I think the lawsuit was about another bread product. Story was discussed on diet doctor site.

(Cindy) #4

I posted that information as something to be aware of when dealing with this particular company, but certainly recognize that everyone has the right to make their own choices. Personally, I would be concerned, but would not expect anyone else to operate based on my personal decision.


I agree.


I like Julian’s coconut wraps (tumeric flavor) and their pizza crust mix.

(Dustin Cade) #7

this is something i worry about going forward with more companies rushing to bring keto food products to market… either out of negligence or just coming to market as quickly as possible with little regard to legitimacy of the claims that said food is keto… just trying to capitalize on the trend… and price gouging…


Well crud. I just purchased a loaf last night and thought I should research it here. (Hence why this old topic has resurfaced. Is that ok or would starting a new one have been preferable?)

Honestly, it was a total whim purchase. I am not even sure WHY I got it. I think I was just pleased to see it in the freezer case and thought “what the heck.” (Like SAD candy bars at the check out, but the keto shopper version!) I don’t really have any craving for bread-like products, other than I sort of miss the “vehicle” bread afforded for egg sandwiches and such.

Now I don’t know if I can trust the label … hmph!