Paid Training Programs

(Vladaar Malane) #1

Good Morning,

So, while I do have gymnastic rings paid training program from I noticed they no longer sell it, or paralletes training they used too.

I started looking around. I by no means want to be a gymnast but get as strong, agile, mobile as I can at my age.

I found a site called which is done by a gymnast coach. Which seems reasonable priced if you do the all access plan. About what planet fitness costs cept you pay it annually. It seems quite impressive in covering all the areas that I’m interested in.

Not sure if anyone here has experience with them or not.

(Vladaar Malane) #2

So… I think I re inflamed my tennis elbow trying rings. That had me thinking I don’t want to go from injury to injury. Not that the rings program is bad, my elbows are just weak atm. Old age catching up I guess.

I broke down and paid for the gymnastic bodies subscription, because I noticed it has mobility/limbering program avail before it even starts on the Foundation series. And I am finding, that I am not very limber or mobile, so hopefully fixing my body foundation wise before I try more will reduce the chances of getting injured in future.

From what I understand, the tendons and joints need to be built up and strengthened and starting at ground zero seems to be the smart way to go. I’ll keep you all informed how it works out.


I love GB! I bought a few programs rather than the subscription. My husband and I have done them on and off together (I know… much better if we’re doing it regularly! but we do lots of other things as well). We usually feel great when we’re regular about the sessions.
I hope you enjoy it :slight_smile:

(Vladaar Malane) #4

Good to know. I found some bad reviews after I bought it. But I take that as people with chips on their shoulders from what I read. This is a journey not a quick stop to doing high level gymnastic moves. So as long as I keep that in mind think it will work great.

I’m starting with Fundamentals, and boy am I finding I need some work. LoL.