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Thanks for such a comprehensive analysis.

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@Meerkatsandy, I noticed that fruits and vegetables on the high oxalate list also tend to be on the high histamine list.

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I can’t tolerate that much magnesium citrate. My 800 mg of magnesium glycinate seems to be working well for me. I will admit that has me slightly above threshold where consistency is concerned but not frequency.

Also, it turns out my foot and back trouble was most likely due to trigger points in my muscles.

Also, I haven’t gone completely back to carnivore, yet, to test my hypothesis. I am eating low oxalate foods, though.


Yup, a few are or/or, but the rest, histamine and oxalates, are intertwined into one big no-no.


I listened to another good interview with Sally K Norton yesterday, it was from April, with Dr. Paul Saladino and is available on youtube. It’s worth a listen even if you’ve heard interviews with her before. I always seem to pick up something new when I listen to her.
I remember some warnings in there about going straight from a high oxylate diet to a low or no oxylate diet because of the body dumping oxylates.
Anyone have any experience of this?
I guess it’s something we should warn the carnivore curious, maybe especially if coming from straight keto because of the heavy use of almond flours, milks, and high oxylate greens.
I wonder if a lot of the discomfort of some peoples’ transition and adaptation could just be the body detoxing from oxylate.

Apologies if this was already addressed earlier in the thread as I haven’t read through every post.

Cheryl's 90 Day Carnivore Challenge: Started on Nov 01 going through to Feb 29, 2020

There is also a great two-parter on human performance outliers podcast, #99 and 100.

I have noticed some symptoms mentioned (peeling hands, eye crusties), maybe some others but I wasnt paying attention to them as oxalate dumping.

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We’ve discussed this in a couple groups, and I’m not really sure what the answer is. It seems to be a trade-off, yes you might reduce some of the discomfort, again there’s no guarantee because switching from glycolytic to lipolytic is an energy expensive process, but once you know about the toxins in plants why would you want to continue one more day eating them?. It also doesn’t guarantee you would minimize adaptation symptoms, it might just drag them out. Most people once they learn about them, unless they’re looking to continue their carb addiction or chocolate or whatever it is they’re hooked on, are very happy to drop everything immediately. so my answer is, I don’t know what the answer is. :slight_smile:


Yep. This boggles the mind. I do (did?) like the taste of some plant foods but it’s more acculturation than need. Funny, though, as much as my tastes have changed on carnivore I wonder if those foods would even still taste like food to me? Or, as is likely, would my body reject them?

After being keto for a while I no longer had cravings for bread and that was once an every meal thing for me. Now, it doesn’t look or smell like food to me at all.


Agree. I love how they have ‘ok standard amt.’ of toxic in them and yet everyone says…oh but the micronutrients they provide are fab’

well if one takes a little bit of cyanide and the body processes it, then the veg. gives a tiny bit of good nutrients to help the body process that poison…is this a good cycle?

heck no it isn’t. The body doesn’t want a lot of toxin or even a little.
Even a little hurts it. Makes it work hard to dispose of that toxin. Inflammation and gut troubles and more come from veg.

I fell into the trap of how good they are for you…as a side dish, a steak and asparagus…well steak and chicken is a whole lot more satisfying than the first to me :slight_smile:

I ate broccoli and asparagus cause it was ‘diet food good for ya’ and in the end I thought all that crap was bitter…like eating bad grass to me. I pretended I liked the taste but I didn’t LOL

Without veg life is way better. No doubt about that.


I’m histamine intolerant, so oxalates are my enemy. I’ve been compiling a list of “safe” veggies - low FODMAP, low histamine, low oxalate, and low lectin:
-bok choy
-up to 50g of cooked broccoli florets
-up to 120g fresh cabbage
-2 pieces of boiled brussels sprouts
-the green part of spring onion
-peeled and deseeded cucumber.

“healthy veggies” is just about the biggest oxymoron :joy:


hate to say it but coming from a carnivore there is no safe veggies out there truly LOL

take that as I meant it…I mean it just like I wrote it but we all must eat as we see it but in carnivore land that list of safe is non-existent truly.

carnivores won’t go there.


My safe veggie are the ones that my food eats… So I get them second hand. :joy::joy::joy:

I do still feed veg to my kids just not as much. I concentrate on getting meat into them. This is a handy list. I’ve been thinking about springing cabbage on them.


absolutely bob

best we can do is show thru example but radical change to a kid can be a bad situation.

always taught my 14 yr old low carb. bread, don’t fill up :slight_smile: get the protein in ya first, THEN what do you want…most times it is nothing LOL so she gets it.

even with her spaghetti now, she loves her pasta but won’t eat crispy bread with it…she says I get enough of carbs in my pasta why add bread…omg proud momma here in that my few easy going changes and chats with her are sinking in.

I know my carnivore ways are extreme and suit me to a literal T in life…but if I walk my kid toward keto etc then I did well :slight_smile:

All we can do on kids is give them snippets of info. Snippets of why. Small ones…no kids are dumb at all, they soak it up in small amts and get it :slight_smile:

Kiddo comes to me the other day and says I am hungry and I want to snack out on cereal etc. and I don’t want that, I want bacon and eggs first then I will see if I am hungry later…….again…I love this stuff and she is seeing it and knowing it.

I can’t ram it down her…when I do she freaks a bit so I back off and now give her mostly the smart choice vs. the crap choice and older she gets the smarter she gets on it all.

Kids are smart! They cue off us. I love it!


Yeah, do the best I can but fighting uphill. The other side let them gorge on junk, sugar, and TV on every visit.


I had to get ranch sauce for my daughter’s class party so we just grabbed a bottle while at the store. I didn’t look at ingredients because all of that stuff is garbage to me. When we got home my daughter said Dad, the first ingredient is soybean oil! Then she said it didn’t matter because the people eating it don’t care.


If she is now noticing what’s on the label, then you are getting the “eat healthier” message across big time. The best sermon is the one preached by example! Well done!


I make a point of showing ingredient labels. Sometimes they’ll pick something up and I’ll say “look at the ingedients”. The oldest would eat a turd if you put enough sugar on it but maybe I can get through to at least one.


yup, little small moves are big moves to kids.

they get it but slowly and that candy they want when they want it…hey I get it LOL…they are gonna go there but you are cementing KEY life info to them on food when they get older and get more control.

So good darn job!!!

hey one thing we know it has to be a choice. Young people are indestructible. Immortal. They don’t usually have health issues but now it is many teens are having it thru horrible foods and life choices like couch surfing on the net vs. moving in real life…building forts and playing like I did :slight_smile: biking with friends…so much has changed.

You never think horrible til it hits physically. Now teens are going there…the 20 somethings.

but people are people and we can give info and always just hope for the best.

never let it become crazy for you to control food on someone else…it will never work…ask me, I know LOL hubby is my horror story!


Good one, i’ll have to remember this :joy::joy:

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I can totally relate…