Overcoming mental hurdles of fasting?

(Kristen Ann) #21

That literally made me laugh out loud! I have the mop and bucket on standby!

(Alex ) #22

Now that sounds like trouble! Ha. Don’t think even I would dare with a beer, as bad as I know ANY alcohol is bad for my decisions in general, I do always manage to stick to clear spirits when I do drink…

Caramel mince pies today though whilst under the influence! Bad bad bad.

I am going to hell with my water weight spike next few days… :expressionless:

(Doug) #23

Kristen, lot of good suggestions and techniques above.

It can take a while to get used to fasting, and it’s not like each fast is easier than the one before. You never know… Overall though, for most of us it does get better, the more we do it. The next fast is always out there - if you’re really not feeling it, no big harm in ending a fast and giving it another try later.

(Kristen Ann) #24

Thanks! Intermittent and 24 hour fast are pretty easy for me. It’s just a mental block preventing me from fasting longer… but I’ll get there eventually!

(Kristen Ann) #25

Yeah probably not my finest decision but honestly wasn’t a big deal. I stuck to keto outside of those drinks and was back on track the next day. I too have water weight as my punishment though and it’s been hanging around since Sunday!

(Eric - The patient needs to be patient!) #26

I started IF fasting in October and went to IF + OMAD pretty soon after starting IF. I balled out of one OMAD (23/1) day when I was just really crazy hungry. Before IF I started doing Time-Restricted Feeding (eating 3 meals with no snacks at all. 7 am to 7 pm.

My first EF was this week. I stopped eating after lunch on Wednesday and refed on Friday morning. 42 hours. For me I slept through the worst hunger I believe and I fasted when working. I’m a software developer / IT Ops person so my days are busy with complex things to do. That kept me from thinking about eating.

Take your time getting to longer fasts. I plan on doing 42 hr fast once a week for the next several weeks to get through the holidays and to get ready for a vacation. I will IF 18/6 or 20/4 some as well.

Hopew this helps.

(Doug) #27

Yes indeed. Things are quite relative - you do a fast of 3 days, then going for 1 day is nothing. You do 6, you can do 3 standing on your head (as the saying goes…) :smile:


All good perspectives. Fasting is a matter of preparedness, opportunity and discipline to me. Most of my EFs beyond 3 days end because of social issues such as Friday night dining or family weekend.

I don’t like to start a fast knowing it will end too soon —all that start-up work just to get cut short by someone else’s doing. I agree wholeheartedly with the observation that the second day is the hardest and should not be wasted.

Even though the hunger comes in waves, tsunamis sometimes, I love the way I feel beyond 50 hours or so and particularly 60-66+ I look forward to those times for the energy boost and normally a big move on the scale and on the toilet.

Keeping busy is a plus and I down gallons of sparkling/carbonated water during EFs. 2-3 mile walks with my dog is a plus. Watching a movie or You Tube about Keto/fasting/target rifles/college football help.

Being retired and at home alone most of the day allows me to sleep late in the morning and just dream through some tough hours.

This all being said, a huge test lies ahead — not in the next three days of Christmas — but in the days that follow.

How do we react afterward is what I am now planning for.

(Troy) #29

Other than the “ common “ but good options , some salt, black coffee, carbonated beverage ( zevia) and the other suggestions

For me, it’s that one last meal PRIOR w/o planning that will carry me through. I just KNOW
It’s hits me mentally, psychologically, and satiety
Meaning, my body tells me “ ok u are fueled up “
Go fast now, it’s “All on you now, you got this “
And all future hunger pings are just false alarms

Hard to explain in words - obviously lol
Makes sense to me , myself and I🤣

(Kristen Ann) #30

I normally let me dogs walk themselves as I live on a large isolated property… but maybe I’ll start joining them! Thanks for the tips!

(Todd Gamel) #31

Opps…wrong thread. :slight_smile:

(Akash Kumar) #32

never start fast for more than 20 hours. for normal human being 24 hours fast enough to keep your system clean.
start with 4 fast in a month and after 6 month 2 fast for 24 hour each is enough. this methods belongs to hindu scriptures which has more than 6000 years of Legacy :slight_smile: