Our Doggy’s Food


I didn’t know where to post this because it’s not Keto related, but it’s so darn funny and I just need to share with my foodie friends.

Our dog Roxie is the pickiest eater in the history of dogs. She’s a Shih-poo. What we go through to get her to eat is unreal. We have switched foods (wet and dry) too many times to find something, anything that she will readily eat on a regular basis. Nothing keeps her interest beyond the first day. The old starving attitude/method (you don’t get anything until tomorrow unless you eat this) never really lasts. She is freaky smart, way beyond human smartness :rofl: and she will eat the next day then spend a week turning her nose up to the presented fare, no matter how incredible it is. She knows we eat ribeye and other delicious meat and she won’t settle for anything but what we eat, even tho we have never once fed her from our plates. If I drop her dog food from the table as if it was on my plate, then she eats that dropping. Lmao

Now mind you, we have never been able to just throw down dry kibble in a bowl and walk away. I envy all those with big dogs that happily lap that up every time it is offered. Roxie has never once happily eaten dry food like that. And we have tried health food stores for dogs as well as the cheapy Alpo aisles. We have tried homemade, whole food dog food with her. We have tried no-grains diets (our preference anyway). We have tried everything and still she likes nothing.

We used to have another Shih-poo who had pancreatitis, and for her we had to boil nonfat chicken breast every week to feed it to her along with geriatric prescription food. So after she passed our little Roxie was used to the boiled chicken and we tried to work with that, but at some point you just want to save some money and get her onto some dry kibble for her teeth. But even the cooked chicken becomes force feeding her. She also won’t eat any of the food if it is mixed up together. It has to be portioned separately. Lol

I’m sitting here laughing so hard looking at her breakfast plate. :rofl: No kitchen in American feeds such a beautiful array of food to their dog the way we do every stinking day. For the past five years! But she just sits back and looks at us as if we are insulting her sensibilities. We have to act like we are slowly going in to steal a piece of carrot or pepper, or piece of chicken, just to get her to growl in protectiveness tricking her into her natural animal state. :joy: Sometimes it works and she eats the whole thing. Sometimes like this morning she protects it fiercely but won’t eat it and in the fridge it goes until dinner tonight. Nothing else until then.

Share how you feed your pets!

(KM) #2

I put down a can of some fancy cat food every morning.

An hour later I put it out in the garden for the squirrels.

It’s unbelievably frustrating. The two modes are eat it once, or don’t eat it at all. The only thing he will reliably eat is those little squeeze tubes of lickable treats. If I put down “people tuna” he will usually snack on that during the day til it’s gone. This doesn’t contain taurine, so I don’t feel like it’s appropriate food, but he will beg and beg and beg for food and then turn his nose up at it. He agreed to Applaws tuna and crab in broth - about $1 an ounce (!) for four days (slightly more expensive than my grass fed rib eye steaks), just enough for me to feel confident and buy 18 of them, which he won’t touch. I may end up eating it myself. :roll_eyes:


I actually feel terrible about this because all that begging makes me believe he’s really, really hungry, but I wind up wasting at least $10 a week on stuff he won’t eat. I guess it could be allergies, that he doesn’t recognize stuff as food when his nose is plugged, but he’s not sneezy and I don’t know what he might be allergic to. Doesn’t seem to be a dental issue.


My cats (4 outside cats even though they love getting inside…) get the cheapest dry cat food they are willing to eat ($2 per kg) as a base. It already costs a lot for us. We didn’t want many cats, especially the last one, Ginger, she just didn’t understand when I said no… Sigh. She is a dear, red tabby and super clingly, very adorable with her 1.5 ears…
They hunt, they eat elsewhere too, they get small fowl bones, grisles, parts I don’t like (it’s not much but no way I eat the pope’s nose), slightly old egg I forgot about… And whatever they manage to get from it Caroline loves and can handle dairy ans all my cats have lovely cat eyes and I have a certain amount of softness… Sometimes I even feed them a little lean pork when I don’t fancy it, maybe some liver… oh and the meat liquid that the defrosted meat releases.
But I am glad I can eat meat myself (not beef, that’s too expensive but pork and fowl) so we can’t afford feeding fancy stuff to them. I am very much aware tons of pets eat way better than I do but I usually love my food :slight_smile:

Oh they get some wet cat food (the cheapest and only on sale, of course. they love it) too but it’s for the times when they only got dry food since some time. It’s very rare since the time I started to eat mostly carni food…

They eat fine, that’s no problem. Giving them worm medicine, on the other hand, oh my god, that’s tough… There is a nice chewing medicine but we couldn’t get it from our vet lately :frowning:

Of course they totally act like they are starving sometimes when they just ate and it’s not like they are still hungry… They just want something nicer. They are always ready for that. Oh well, tough luck.

(KM) #4

:rofl: Have to laugh for two reasons. One, I’ve never actually seen anyone else write that phrase down, so thank you, and two, really? Might actually be my favorite nibbly part, all fat and skin.

(KM) #5

Just to say, I didn’t mean to humble brag. I always fed our four cats the least expensive thing I could, but when the quartet of seniors citizens reduced down to one, I thought I’d up the quality a little bit. Now I have a little diva on my hands. Maybe he needs some competition.

(Megan) #6

Thankfully all the dogs I’ve had have never been picky eaters. I raw feed as much as I can afford to because dogs have absolutely no need for carbs, and feeding dogs carbs has created many of the dietary created health problems we humans have. If I had a cat I’d definitely try to feed meat only, as cats are obligate carnivores.

It’s a hard one tho, everything is getting more and more expensive, including the food our 4 legged family members eat. I save all the bones from what I eat and make Lulu and Sophi bone broth. That gives them some great nutrients at no cost.

I laughed reading all the hoops you have to jump through @Just_Juju. And yes, dogs sure are smart!!

(MC) #7

I save all the bones from what I eat and make Lulu and Sophi bone broth

I made that a few times for a family member’s GR and he went mental for it. Once he hit ten, he had a bunch of health problems, so we put him on raw meat of all kinds, eggs, sardines, he seriously loved sprats. And that bone broth lol Live another six years and only died then due to an arthritis drug destroying his kidneys. Miss that beautiful guy.

(KM) #8

I just have to add one tiny crumb of outrage to my outrage. Turns out of the four ingredients in my crab and tuna broth Terrine or whatever it is, one of the four ingredients is rice. Seriously? For a dollar an ounce one of the ingredients in my catfood is RICE! Aaargh!