Ordering from McDonald's

(Thao Le) #1

(Brad) #2

So having worked there in the past, the seasoning is 86%salt, 14% pepper. other than that the article seems to factually correct.
A side note is that some of the fast food places actually have a low carb button on the register (w/o bun basically).

(Helen Taylor) #3

I used to mystery shop McD’s. There used to be a forum set up by employees called McDoof.com but MacD kept shutting it down. On that forum staff used to brag about how badly they treat their customers - wiping the burgers on the floor, spitting in coffees etc. McD has very high staff churn too.

Never ate my McD Mystery Shop after. Never been in one since.

Burger King is far superior, less staff churn (which proves the staff are happy in their work) and better tasting burgers, IMO.


Minimum wage = minimum effort, no matter which fast food restaurant you go to. And YMMV when it comes to Burger King. At my local one, I saw trash scattered across the floor, one of the workers wearing sleep pants, and what I’m 90% sure was a drug deal taking place outside, but this was next to the Wal-Mart so I couldn’t really expect better.

If I’m desperate enough for fast food, I just let ignorance be bliss.