Order of posts

(Mandy De Fields) #1

is there a way to have the most recent posts show up first in a thread instead of having to scroll through well over a thousand posts to see the newer ones?


Alternatively, I asked:

(Hyperbole- it’s the best thing in the universe! ) #3

You can also tap on the number showing which post it is on out of how many and you can type in which post you want to go to, or choose a date.

(It's all about the bacon, baby) #4

I also believe that, when viewing the list of new and updated topics, you can enter the topic at the latest post by clicking on the icon of the last poster listed in the column on the right.

If you are ever interested in catching the gist of a thread without the tedium of reading every post, there is a “Summarize” feature that you can select by going to the original post.

(Mandy De Fields) #5

Hmmm…my screen doesn’t look like that. I’m using a PC, is your picture the app?

(Hyperbole- it’s the best thing in the universe! ) #6

These are screenshots from my phone. I use the app on my iPad, but just the website on my phone. They are exactly the same. I have mine set to dark mode, is that what you mean?