Orange diet

(Omar) #41

I never get tired of meat .I think my ancestors where big cats.

But I love cheese cakes love dates that we grow locally.

People here lived thousands of years on camel milk, honey, dates, and meat. Nothing else to eat anyway.


Oh. My, God. So not only fatphobic but almost no protein… And that must be plant so even trickier…

How long did the people do this? IDK our necessary fat intake, I thought it must be maybe 30g or something, I know it’s a very little amount and very low-fat people prove we don’t need much but we can’t live without some and 5g sounds way too low to me. But I don’t know, actually. And people survive amazingly sometimes, on diets very much against our needs… For a while, of course.

But the biggest problem seems to be the impossibility of doing the diet for most people. The macros are insane. Can people can satiated with such ones or they just get turned off from the food and rather stop being hungry…? Okay, probably can, people like me can’t and they don’t do the diet as it’s impossible.

I eat meat mostly for the nutrients myself, it’s tasty but I could live without it as I did before.
Lentils are extremely tasty indeed and satiating too! My plan C for extreme times when I can’t eat my carby staples in big enough amounts. (Plan B is seitan - with green peas -, extremely tasty and maybe the most satiating stuff I ever ate. Wouldn’t like to use it often though.)

Of course I would eat lentils on a low-carb diet, high-carb isn’t my option at all. My body wants extreme low-carb (as far as I know, extremely few net carbs from non-animal items is more accurate but I will experiment), that’s the main reason I truly started to eat meat. Keto is easier with meat too but not too hard without.

I can get bored of egg (not as easily as of meat, though but they are so versatile), that’s another reason I need a significant amount of meat. I can eat 8-10 eggs in average but for more I need to eat lost of sweet desserts again and I rather not.

It’s good we have zillion options on keto. Less on carnivore but still not bad.

Oranges are great (if sour enough and not too sweet but they are too sweet, oh well, it’s about the amount), I love citruses - but they aren’t “food”. They are tiny occasional treats to me. It’s rare that I eat a whole very small oranges, I usually eat 1-2 sections(?) from what my SO eats. I do that with big fruit. I wouldn’t even buy oranges if I was alone. I only would buy lemons :smiley: That’s my fruit. Sour enough and not too sweet. Too sour so I only flavor my water or food with it here and there but at least it lasts forever. I couldn’t eat a whole lemon before it spoils so I have tiny lemon juice portions in the freezer. I don’t even need to count the carbs there as it’s negligible… Nice.

It doesn’t sound so bad in the right ratio… If one doesn’t get attached to other things first as I did. I couldn’t imagine my life (life, a few days!) without vegs. I can now but I am attached to my many eggs a day. But cheese, meat, a little sugar… It sounds like a diet that isn’t even bad to live on, some rich nations have it worse… Huge variety isn’t always good, people are too stupid and can’t do what is right.

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Hi Corals! Missed you. Your April must have been busy.


cause that was life. So agree.

meat and meat fat and then some local extras that grew in season around ya for long term survival.

omgosh we ARE SO far from true nature and life now and it is frightening on food supplies and it is a scary azz future of our food…yikes

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Brilliant joke. I think I am the only person who finds it funny because whenever I tell it people just groan


Thank you, @robintemplin! Yes, I’m working so much! But there’s light at the end of the tunnel!

Sending you lots of fraternal love.


Cheesecake… love it! Sometimes I make a keto version cheesecake. It’s always a happy day!

Dates are delicious. But too sweet and I don’t eat them anymore.