Orange diet


call massive ■■■■■■■■ on this video HAHA

science study of XYZ people this guy knows, now show me real science against real physical body functions we do understand and more.

the ‘right kind of food’ he has a point. but he is SO OFF on what the physical body actually requires for total survival and I seen a big hidden ‘environmental’ issue being plugged. Don’t eat what is plowed and ruins the earth but eat from trees but aren’t they the exact same literally for ‘farming’ cause no orchards are willy nilly…they are agriculture farmed hard also so.

call BS to the ultimate and I get it, those will follow but damn, useless is the worst vid out there for stupidity if ya ask me LOL

NOW this is MY personal opinion point blank. Others will vary but darn I had to spill it out that what we hear from others is easily the most useless real truths out there, this proves it to me :unicorn::skull_and_crossbones: ugh

see no value here for what it takes for real health, but points in there are valid of course on change and well being and healing, but fruit is sure not that path based on real science.

vegan propaganda bs for sure…another ugh

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Tomorrow morning I am going to have my donuts, and pancakes with honey.

When I eat cheese cakes, I feel high by the pleasure.

All of that, and I get my diabetes reversed as a bonus. :smiley:


sorry, wrong message, FRUIT SAVES YOU ONLY!
you can’t do a donut or pancake or honey…the whole video is ALL about fruit and environmental issues and vegan BS so sorry, no donuts and pancakes for you :partying_face: :alien:

go have an orange!! wee…

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Well oranges are apparently one of the things I’m intolerant too (apples too), though can’t remember the last time I had one…


so hear ya!

never heard an orange a day keeps the Dr away so?

very acid fruit vs. very low acid fruit is a big deal to alot of tummies!!

what gets me is that ever so vegan farming practices thrown into the mix…I heard that message…and I say F off on vegan BS from ‘clips’ put together out ‘there’ ya know.

on the net can ya trust anything really on what we see as a finished product to view?

nope by my personal thoughts but throw me some real science and then we can chat kinda thinking is me LOL

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There is so much conflicting info, videos, podcasts, opinions out there. I just stick with the basics (under 20g carbs) and never look back. It works. That’s good enough for me.

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I tried all kind of diets

Keto worked the best.

But we have to keep in mind that people that have the will and courage to follow a keto diet are open minded people.

And open minded people are always willing to explore challenges.

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I realise you are joking, but let’s just make it clear to readers encountering this thread out of context that It is not an ordinary high-carbohydrate diet, but a high-carbohydrate, extremely low-fat diet that reverses Type II diabetes. The Kempner diet is an example of this. A normal high-carbohydrate diet, such as most Americans eat, does not reverse Type II diabetes. And as I mentioned, it is quite difficult to adhere to such a diet.

(Stickin' with mammoth) #30

Not my experience at all. It was low fat veganism that got me pre-diabetic, only keto reversed it. Just sayin’.

(Alec) #31

Show me the science.

(Bacon is better) #32

By “extremely low-fat” I don’t mean ordinary low fat, but rather almost no fat whatsoever (there has to be some ω-3 and ω-6 fats in the diet; they are essential).

(Alec) #33

The lack of essential nutrients on an all orange diet is mind blowing. Not sustainable and not healthy.

If someone can show me a double blind randomised controlled trial that showed this diet was both healthy and reversed T2D then I will rethink. Chances of this happening? Zero.

(Bacon is better) #34

Kempner’s diet consisted of 2000 kcal daily, of whic6 roughly 4.5% was protein, 2.5% was fat, and 93% was carbohydrate. That is more or less 22.5 g protein, 5.6 g of fat, and 465 g of carbohydrate.

As the article states,

The rice diet did not cure everybody. In Kempner’s original cohort of 192 people, 25 patients died. Of the remaining 167, 60 patients did not substantially improve their blood pressure values. However, 107 patients showed significant improvement (from 200/112 mm Hg to 149/96 mm Hg) with the diet. Heart size decreased in 66 of 72 patients. Serum cholesterol was reduced in 73 of 82 patients. Retinopathy was reduced or disappeared completely in 21 of 33 patients. We must keep these results in context with the times, during which the life expectancy of anyone with malignant hypertension was 6 months. Sympathectomy seemed to improve that state of affairs, but not in all patients.

(Alec) #35

Interesting, but Klemper’s diet is a mile different from 100% oranges and nothing else.

(Bacon is better) #36

Well, 3.85 kg of oranges will give 2000 kcal in proportions of fat, protein, and carbohydrate that are very, very close to those of Kempner’s diet.

(Alec) #37

Same micronutrients? I doubt it.

(Bacon is better) #38

You’d have to supplement, of course, just as Kempner’s patients had to supplement. Granted, the precise supplements might vary a bit. But rice is pretty much glucose and hardly anything else, so possibly one might need a bit less of the supplements when eating all oranges.

(Omar) #39

If I to try the orange diet, my blood sugar will exceed 200 units.

I briefly read Kempner link, and did not find how Kempner dealt with the blood sugar. We know now what will happen to a person with high blood sugar for prolonged periods as a year or so without addressing it. He may get kidney failure or damage the retina. I have more than one friend in such a state( I mean they are not doing anything to their high blood sugar. I am not taking that those individuals are on orange diet)


I wish it was true that high carb could improve blood sugar. I’d happily never eat meat and meatish things again in my life! Lentils and chickpeas taste so infinitely better for me!

Even cheese and butter, which I love, are getting boring.

The one animal thing I love and can’t get tired of is egg. Ah, and liver, but it is super hard for us to find liver, with the little time we have for shopping.

As for oranges, which I really dislike, being acidic, isn’t apple cider vinegar acidic and often recommended by many keto gurus?

I’m not a fruit person and would never go for a diet based on fruits. Even meat is better than oranges!