Orange diet

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A lady went on orange diet for over 1000 days.
She cured diabetes as well as other illnesses

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I have a lot of respect for Sadhguru, but on this occasion… I’ll pass.

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I think very high carb, very low fat diets do work. I know it doesn’t make sense, but they do. The problem is following them.


“Orange you glad I didn’t say banana.”


What does we mean “work”? Losing fat? One can do that on any diet…

My biggest problem is insane amounts of sugar and serious lack of essential nutrients. My body surely wouldn’t get younger from that :slight_smile:

Banana actually sounds better to me. Still insane but less acidic… And I have no problem with acid. To some extent.

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Well, essential nutrients would be a problem. Like the potato diet – can work, but you’ll be lacking in a lot and also it’s freaking bland.

But these very high carb, very low fat diets do work, and even to increase “insulin sensitivity”.

Whether you should eat one for very long, is a different story.


Yup, you can pull it off when you’re afraid of the fat. People do fine on them, except me, I always loved delicious fatty stuff to wash down all my bread! That (hypothetically) is probably why I was a 300lb diabetic fatass.

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People have done a very low-fat, high-carbohydrate diet and reversed diabetes. From what I’ve heard and seen, the key is to eat almost no fat at all. And while the people studied reversed their diabetes, there is some question, it seems, about their overall health.

Denise Minger discussed the Kempner Rice Diet at Ancestral Health 2014 (see this video, starting at 4m45s). It was apparently a very difficult diet to stick to, but many of Dr. Kempner’s patients reversed their diabetes. They also lost quite a bit of weight.

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How very hypocritical this forum is proving itself.

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Of course, it is BS BTW. At least for T2.

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How much do teeth weigh?

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The problem is that Kempner did his work eighty or ninety years ago, so we don’t know what his diet did to people’s body composition. They did have to take a lot of vitamins and other supplements, as I recall.

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It looks like I am missing something.

How does fructose reverse diabetes?

What happened to " fructose cause the NAFLD" ?

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But protein? :thinking:

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In this case, I am truly in complete confusion about keto.

Also the theory that non alcoholic fatty liver diseases being caused by the high consumption of fructose is false. Unless in such examples of reversing diabetes while on long term fruit diet yielded NAFLD which does not make any sense because both of them (diabetes and NAFLD) are the result of metabolic related problems.


I just look at the homo sapiens’s bodily needs and I don’t see “mostly sugar” (and a big part of it fructose at that). It’s pretty much enough for me even in general. As my own body has a very obvious stance :slight_smile:

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Remember, Dr. Kempner was active nearly a century ago. Insulin had just been discovered (the first Type I diabetic was treated with it in 1923, I believe), and there was no way to test for most of the things that are now routine in a blood test.

It’s more likely that Kempner did not know to check the livers of his patients. There is, in fact, serious question about how healthy overall his patients really were, despite their weight loss and their reversal of diabetes. Also, the diet is so hard to follow that many people simply couldn’t do it.

Fatty liver disease was not yet recognised back then, I believe, and cirrhosis was assumed to result solely from the excessive consumption of alcohol. Even the understanding of alcoholism as a disease didn’t become widespread until the 1930’s. We’ve made a lot of progress in our understanding since those days, despite some significant false steps.

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I was referring to several replies in this thread as well as other threads that low fat high carb can reverse type II (not specifically to Kempner work).

Like if it is well known that hi carb diet can reverse type II which kind of shocking to me.

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To me too :thinking: