Opening Up Results

(Jane) #101


I avoid my brother like the plague, too because he only calls me when he wants something from me.

He never married, has mostly worked his whole life but always looking for a woman to mooch off of. I gave him my half of Mom’s house when she died so he would have a roof over his head. It was almost paid for and he refinanced it so he could pay off all his credit card debt. I signed Mom’s car over to him so he had no car payment. Mortgage ran him $400/month. I told him I was done, I wasn’t Mom and don’t ever ask me for money. I wouldn’t let him starve.

He lost the house and the car, tried to mooch from me and I refused so he went looking for another female mark. He has found them over the years but never lasts.

I won’t support his booze and cigarette habit so never give him money. He isn’t homeless and hasn’t starved yet. In fact, with his SAD diet he could live off his body fat for quite some time!!!

Call me callous. I own it.


(Jane) #103

And this is relevant HOW???


You can’t cancel your wrong with your brother’s wrong regardless of which one seems more wrong.


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Comment above yours.

(Karen) #107

It is very tough having siblings who are so needy and greedy.

Back to the subject at hand…
I actually went into a store yesterday that was open instead of picking up my groceries. It felt like going to Disneyland. I worry about all the businesses that are struggling to stay solvent. I wore my mask. And I wiped everything down when I got back to the car including my hands with my disinfectant. I also sanitized the groceries when I get home. I don’t mind wearing the mask but I’m tired of sanitizing products

(Peter) #108

So don’t believe the whole “US has so many cases because of all the testing we’re doing” story. Testing rate is still very very low.

(Jane) #109

Number of cases is meaningless if most recover (which is true). Death rates tell the real tale.

(Peter) #110

The map is about testing, but sure, whatever.

(Polly) #111

It is possible that the virus has passed through a much larger proportion of the population than is being shown up by testing.

I thought this episode of Ivor Cummins was enlightening:

(Karen) #112

Yes, Perhaps “death rates tell the real tale”, but some of that depends on the quality of healthcare. I imagine our neighbors in South America and of course across the sea, Africa, are going to see more sad deaths

(Jane) #113

Sad, but true

(Vic) #114

I know one thing there has been large protests over the US and I dont hear about Covid anymore

If it were an issue there would be news and politicians all over crying over the lack of sheltering social distancing and all the stuff they were worried about opening up over

(Jane) #115

I saw a cartoon where a church congregation discovered a way to hold their services without being harassed by the authorities. They showed up in riot gear. I didn’t post it because it would likely offend and I did not want to do that, but just shook my head at the insanity our world has devolved into.

(Jane) #116

I spent the last 3 days in Texas and other than having to wear a mask to enter a restaurant and every other table blocked off, everyone was going about their business, most not masked (it was 97 F and humid - ugh) but were respectful of social distancing.

They had just re-opened the Lady Bird Johnson Wildlife gardens with restrictions. Online reservations required and you were given a time slot. You had to wear a mask to enter but most took them off inside since it was ALL outdoors, and plenty of acreage to social distance. I kept mine under my chin and pulled it up when I saw someone (even 50-ft away) as a courtesy.

Saw lots of “Going out of Business” signs. A Pier 1 - just Googled and they are closing all stores. My nearest JC Penny is closing permanently, which is sad. Now the nearest department store is a 3-hr round trip. Plus local employees losing their jobs.

(Jane) #117

Just emailed one of the site directors who attends the weekly COVID status update meetings for all of our manufacturing sites in N America. So far they have had zero confirmed cases and they all run 24/7. Over 20 manufacturing sites and well over 1000 people, so good job!!

Some of our sites are in less populated areas but we have plants in Houston, Dallas, Chicago and Atlanta so even more impressive.

(Peter) #118

Interesting twitter thread about the BLM protests and the claim that they are likely to increase the infection numbers. (TL;DR - we don’t know, lots of variables)


I don’t know about that… there have been some not-great conclusions about our use of ventilators (just to use one example).

(Jane) #120

Will be interesting to watch the numbers. My money is on no, there won’t be a significant spike because I beleive the virus is running its course like all viruses do - large increase at first then a gradual decline as it runs through the general population and people build immunity - symptomatic or not.

I could be wrong - time will tell. The infection numbers are dependent on the testing rates.

I found out my company did have one “suspect” case in the Dallas area. He was home 4 days before becoming ill (shift worker) and quarantined for 3 weeks. Nobody at the manufacturing site became ill thankfully. He was in his 30’s with no health issues so he recovered. By the time he asked to be tested he didn’t have symptoms and was denied a test.