Opening Up Results

(John) #41

guess i should have stated that better. He looked like he was heading that way based on shutting down travel and rolling out recommendations about not having large gatherings. He does bragg all the time about how he was acting before anything even was going on here. So I guess I shouldnt have said he wanted to shut down but I felt like he was heading that way. Also when I say a full shut down I mean a tighter version of what wwe are doing. I fully understand that we still need some services open but where I live it seems like nobody is taking this seriously. Just o be clear I am neither a Trump supporter nor hater and unfortunately that seems to me what this whole thing has turned into and im afraid we will never know the truth about how bad or not bad this thing is.

(John) #42

We do have a similar problem here in central cali. This thing being stretched out has caused it. Thats why and I could be wrong I thought we should have done a shorter shut down but stricter then opened back up.I know we would also like to get back to bowling.

(Mame) #43

I check the John Hopkins link on my laptop, I think it would be rough for many phones…

(Jane) #44

Thanks - I’ll check it later when I fire up my laptop

(Jane) #45

More deaths from suicides than COVID - doctors say time to reopen.

(Jane) #46

Georgia vs Florida since gradual re-opening. Unfortunately they are tracking number of cases which will increase with number of tests - not hospitalizations and deaths.

(Doug) #47

Georgia - I think it’s too early to tell.

(Jane) #48

Yeah, but long enough time to start watching the trends. I don’t expect it to change dramatically.

(Jennifer Kleiman) #49

I will bet you that in 2 weeks there’ll be a clear trend of rising cases and hospitalizations. Deaths will probably take longer, and maybe advances in treatment & therapies will help head that off.

Maybe not though, it’s starting to get hot & humid, that’ll help some. Plus even though we’ve “reopened” people are still mostly staying away from restaurants & I think large events are not happening, so superspreader opportunities are still pretty limited.

(Jane) #50

Georgia has been open 4 weeks now, right?

(Jane) #51

I expect cases to rise in every state as they increase testing, whether partially open or not.

(Jane) #52

People keep saying that but it didn’t help Australia.

(Jennifer Kleiman) #53

Staged opening, the first week it was just bowling alleys, tattoo parlors, nail salons & I forget what else (speculated to be Kemp & his wife’s weekend agenda, haha). The following week allowed restaurants and gyms to resume service but only at 25% capacity with social distancing rules. In practice most businesses didn’t rush to open their doors. Many restaurants are still closed or only doing carryout.

(Jane) #54

Oh, I know the openings are gradual and I agree with that approach. No state just lifted all restrictions overnight.

(Jennifer Kleiman) #55

It’s not clear in the way the Georgia DPH presents the data, but although testing has been steady or decreased the last 6 days, positive case #s and hospitalizations have risen. The data is too noisy to say this is a trend yet, but it’s only logical given the situation that it will continue to rise. Unless the torrid Georgia summer weather magically makes it go away :slight_smile:

(Jane) #56

I am glad states are opening up more and more outdoor activities since usually easier to social distance and people NEED to get outside for their mental and physical health!!!

(Doug) #57

Jane, Australia’s sitting there with all of 102 deaths… How bad, really, was it there? :wink:

@Jennifer_Kleiman - I feel that way too - some slight downtrends have reversed and gone back up a little. Can the heat & humidity counter-balance the increased spreading? Could go either way.


Most of our cases were acquired OS (61% I think) and as far as I’m aware the majority of super spreader/locally acquired cases have come from indoor gatherings. As we head into winter and head indoors more things could well change. We’re also opening up and letting people move around and gather together a bit more. We DO have a very good system for testing, tracing and isolating so hopefully things don’t deteriorate too much :slightly_smiling_face:

(Vic) #59

(Jane) #60

Well it is definitely going to be an interesting summer as venues open up. Or don’t. I feel such a sadness for humanity with all of our social celebrations cancelled and human interactions negated. It is what makes us human and keeps us going.

Weddings, births, graduations, anniversaries…