Open water swimming and gut microbiome?

(Ross) #1

Strange thought has been bumping around my head.

We know there is some relationship between metabolic health and having a diverse gut microbiome.

Seems to me that open water swimmers might have a bit of an advantage there not enjoyed by almost any other type of athlete since we’re exposed to all sorts of great poop in lake water! :poop::poop::poop::poop: We all drink a little of that water!

Swimming in Lake Superior probably exposed me to bear, wolf, moose, deer, human, dog, coyote, bobcat, weasels, etc… just to name a few of the larger mammals.



Maybe you’ll be a good candidate for fecal transplanting?

(Ross) #3

I might make a good donor b/c I’m full of :poop:

(VLC.MD) #4

You are E.Coli rich.
Just like a farmer.
Probably helps build strong immune systems.

(Ross) #5

If I were a rich man…

(Ruthanne Robertson) #6

I’d really like to find some open water swimming around Kansas City. Weather’s getting colder, so I might be out of luck for the year.

(Ross) #7

We already have snow on the ground up here in Minnesota. Unless you want to do an Ice Mile… :wink: