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(Chuck) #21

“the problem with carbs is the more you eat, the more you want, the more you crave.”
The carbs that do this are highly processed carbs and foods created and manufactured to trigger the brain or human hormones to crave them and overeat them, that is the way the companies keep people buying their crappy so called food products that is not more than a chemistry project.

(Polly) #22

The most important thing to do after you have overdone the carbs is to climb right back on the wagon and stick within your carb limit the following day. It is easier to eat low carb if you avoid going back to carbs but sometimes life gets in the way.


Or vegs. I couldn’t eat vegs in moderation for decades… It became a problem on keto as keto doesn’t allow much vegs (well, my ketosis carb limit). If you define “much” the way I do.
Certain fruits are the same.
And bread, that totally triggers overeating in me though I am better now. No idea how processed thing bread is considered, it is processed but most food are and I don’t see why processing would do any bad to me… I am against weird ingredients, mostly and bread is normal (not good but normal).
It doesn’t matter what kind of non-animal carbs they are (or even animal carbs) as long as they are super tasty and not satiating, of course I easily eat them in huge amounts. And I probably don’t reach satisfaction and satiation even in the end.

I guess it’s just very individual as almost everything food related.

(Chuck) #24

Maybe you have a trigger for vegetables, but I don’t. Vegetables and fruits is something I know my body needs, and I eat just enough to me my body’s requirements. My triggers are old fashioned table sugar, cookies, sugary drinks, and snacks. And by the way diet drinks, most specifically Diet Coke. And guess what Diet Coke then triggers hunger, and I want to eat everything I can see that is unhealthy.


Maybe my triggers are non-animal (and some animal) carbs but it’s not that simple, actually. Most fruits are impossible for me to overeat (even though my need for them is zero so I actually slightly overeat them if I eat any…? but I don’t talk about that definition of overeating). Vegs too, now. Carnivore changed a lot of things.

I still find it odd that people drink soft drinks quite often… I lacked that phase. Of course I tried them out here and there but regularly? I had water and tea as I should… I was always moderately puritan with my drinks. And while I liked my sweets, putting sweet drinks into my body all the time? Nope. Maybe it’s because I only wanted sweet things in the very end of my not so frequent meals and sweets tend to be loads better than some sugary flavored water… I understand the charm to some extent though, some are interesting, not a big jump to imagine that certain people want them 100-1000 times more often I did. But it’s obviously not healthy, I knew that even back then.

As diet Coke isn’t carby, it wouldn’t trigger hunger in me. Maybe desire for sweets… An apple made me hungry as a wolf though and my SO still is like that. But it’s a common thing regarding fruit, I wonder why an apple is considered a meal… Probably because some people get satiated by it but why is it such a common belief, such people can’t be THAT numerous or can they…?