Online competitions. Ketoer's represent!

(April Harkness) #1

Because the runners should not have all the fun with the 5ks every weekend. One thing I do miss about running are the 5ks almost every Sat and Sun. True. There are olympic lifting and kettlebell sport comp…but not as numerous and many times involve travel across the country. Enter online competitions! Here is a kettlebell competition that takes place monthly. Below is my entry along with my best friend. We have both had challenges in the past. She recently had a death in her family, I have relationship issues. We gather strength together in the fitness community. We hold the bell up. We hold each other up.

Melissa E. - 53 yrs old, 64kg, 12 kg bell snatch-20, longcycle 10, snatch-19, longcycle- 10, snatch- 19 Total = 78

April H - 43 yrs old, 48 kg, 12 kg bell snatch- 16, longcycle- 10, snatch-12, longcycle-10, snatch- 15 Total = 63

(Rebecca 🌸 Frankenfluffy) #2

:trophy: FABULOUS! :trophy:

(Bunny) #3

Was looking at the research on kettle bells a long time ago and it looks like they are better than any machines or Barbells; I guess because of the anaerobic and aerobic versatility or one does not work without the other to increase skeletal muscle volume!

In the research the kettle bells always win in their effects on the physiology.

I have a pretty big collection of various types and weights of kettle bells I love them!

(April Harkness) #4

Maybe join the next online comp? :wink: