One year review of keto

(Doing a Protein Sparing Modified Fast) #1

I started keto at the end of July 2019, so now I have completed one year of keto.

Basically, it is a story of success. I lost about 23kg in a few months, and I have kept my ideal weight decently well (now, I should lose 1.5kg to be perfect).

It is obvious to me that bread (and wheat in general) is my kryptonite. Sugar also, but I was less addicted to sugar.

Instead, basic carbs like vegetables, and even fruits (especially blackberries and strawberries) I can eat them in industrial amounts. In fact, they are the basis of my food intake.

I also eat lots of olive oil (lots!) and a decent amount of protein.

I do time restricted feeding: I do not have breakfast. I am more hungry at night, though, and scientific research says I should reduce food intake 2/3 hours before bed, but I cannot do it. Instead, skipping breakfast is easy for me.

I do chaffles-which-are-not-chaffles: 30g of chia, 120g of water, an egg, 35g of psyllium husk, salt and olive oil, and I leave this batter into the chaffle maker for about 15 minutes. It is like bread! Sometimes I add some species into it.

I eat pasta made of surimi, which in texture is basically identical to wheat pasta. Very satisfying.

If I need to eat something sweet, I either eat spoonfulls of erythritol together with a yoghourt, or I do some fat bomb (olive oil, cocoa, erythritol, and to the freezer!).

I should return to exercising more. I hope this second year I will be better in that.