One year on Keto/carnivore

(Richard M) #1

One year being on Keto/Carnivore this January 3rd. I lost 60 pounds by June 1st. That is where I am today. If someone would have told me a year ago I could guarantee you to lose 20 pounds within one year I would have been happy. So to lose 60 pounds I am very pleased.

I am getting over, since December 11, Covid, sinus infection, fever, stomach flu and a terrible cough and other stuff. I can feel I lost some stamina and possibly some strength. Along with smell and taste. Still have not returned. I was just completing a 91 hour fast before Covid.

What I gained educationally and what I do from this WOE.

  1. I am in total control. Kind of like a switch.
  2. I know which foods to avoid, eat moderately or eat as much as I want. I did and will switch from keto to all carnivore. Which I love doing.
  3. I quit being hard on myself when I have a cheat day or week.
  4. It has been a very positive experience for me. I made it that way.
  5. I am constantly watching videos, reading information on this forum and other articles/websites.
  6. I feel I am more prepared to lose my last 30 pounds and gain muscle. I know what to expect.
  7. I have not counted my marcos since April. So this next 6 months I will be focusing more on fat intake and possibly less protein. My gut feeling has told me that I have been eating to much protein. So back to marco counting. I just figured my marcos for today and I am right on. So I am lucky.
  8. I realize one year does not make me an expert. Just makes me hungrier :joy:
  9. Fasting. I’m many a OMAD+BPC
    On my extended fasting periods, the first 24 hours are the hardest, than it gets easier. I do have BPC during my fast along with black coffee. For some, that isn’t a true fast, but it helps.
  10. I have started making bone broth and love it. I usually put in some butter.
  11. Trying to keep my cooking/recipes simple. Once in awhile I will get crazy but not to often. Eggs, bacon, fish(all types), steaks, organs, hamburger, lamb, pork, I love pork belly(need to be careful. I feel I eat to much). And other carnivore foods.
  12. The more I do this WOE the more questions I have. I just hope that some day I can rid of my arthritis and trigger fingers. That is my number 1 goal for this year. Other than lose weight.

I thank everyone that has contributed any information on this forum. It has helped me. I take what I need and use it. But I read a lot. At least one thing is for sure I know how to search for answers and ask questions. Which, in turn I will get a lot of great information.

Thanks, everyone.

(Butter Withaspoon) #2

Wow Richard that’s some progress! Well done and may your successes continue

(Marianne) #3

Great post. I celebrate people who have found this WOE and embrace it.

Since the beginning, I never really “cooked” recipes. Before I became zero carb a year ago, dinner was meat and a steamed vegetable. Couldn’t have been simpler. My greatest tool has been our large cast iron skillet and ghee. We don’t eat any fish and not much chicken. Every night, usually without exception, is a flash seared piece of beef or pork. I get a nice crust on it - delicious.

How do you do that/where do you get the bones? I have been sipping seasoned canned chicken broth on cold days for a treat, but I know it is not the best thing with all the additives (I think).

(Joey) #4

@Richard_M You’re a real inspiration … thank YOU!


Congrats on your successes. You have gained a lot of knowledge about yourself and lost a large amount of weight. Well done.

(Richard M) #6

I have an instant pot. I add in garlic, carrots, celery, onions, bay leaf, sea salt, pepper. Cook it for 4 hours. I used turkey bones. I am now saving my steak and roast bones. And I’ll cook it the same way.

(Edith) #7

If you add 2T of vinegar you can leach more nutrients out of the bone.

(Richard M) #8

Thanks. I forgot to mention I put in ACV. And bay leaves


I’ve heard you can also pressure cook (vs. slow cook) for similar benefits, since you mentioned the Instant Pot.

(KCKO, KCFO) #10

Instant Pot is the way to go. I do chicken, pork or beef broth in mine all the time.


Those are all great. My favorite was broth that I made from a ham bone. :heart_eyes: