One to avoid


Not sure if anyone else has made this mistake but thought I’d mention it just in case. I regularly buy double cream, usually own brand supermarket stuff. I recently picked up some ‘Elmlea Double’ and assumed it was the same. It was only after reading the label properly later on that I realised it is full of various vegetable oils and emulsifiers. Needless to say I won’t be buying that again!

(Rob) #2

Yup, shopping can be a minefield, especially if you’re longsighted and don’t carry your reading specs around with you, like me! :wink:

I made the same mistake with full fat Hellmans Mayonaise which I found was made with Rapeseed Oil.

I’m more conscious of vegetable oils now and buy more carefully.

(Miss E) #3

yep, I learnt very early on that my body preferred cream that only has one ingredient. It’s far more satisfying as well.

(Allie) #4

I remember when it was advertised on TV years ago and they tried to claim it was so good even cats couldn’t tell the different. Advertising Standards should’ve dealt with them over that as it was a blatant lie. Yeah it’s junk.

(Renee Slaughter) #5

Yep HFS in worcheshire sauce. Seriously?

(Ken) #6

Same type thing regarding store bought eggnog.

(Sheri Knauer) #7

You gotta read the ingredient label on everything. Even recheck it on occasion for products you trust and buy. Sometimes for some reason companies will just change or add ingredients to products that were not in it before.

(mags) #8

I hadn’t looked at the ingredients on helmans mayo and I shovel it in! Have you found a better alternative?

(Liz ) #9

We just switched to Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil mayo & I love it

(mags) #10

Thank you Liz I’ll see if I can source some.

(Jay AM) #11

It’s quite easy to make mayo at home. Lots of recipes online.


Ever since reading this thread I make my own

It is super easy and has worked for me every time and I am not a great homemaker

(mags) #13

Thank you for the tips i shall give it a go

(Sybella) #14

Ive had great success with this recipe (and I’ve tried quite a few)

Good results each time.


Elmlea is awful stuff.
The ingredients list is like a science experiment - but it is an easy enough thing to do. They even design the packaging to mimic that of the real cream brands, and stand it next to them, when it should be off with the Frankenfoods in the 9th Circle of Hell.

(mags) #16

Thanks Heidi. Can’t wait to try this. I just need to get the right oil and I’ll let you know how it goes.

(Michael) #17

Perhaps another one to avoid in the UK is Hellmann’s Olive Oil Mayonnaise especially since the impression given is that Olive oil is the main ingredient. However, it is 59 %Rapeseed oil with 5% Olive oil. I suppose Hellmann’s Rapeseed Oil Mayonnaise wouldn’t have the same ring to it. In Ireland, the label says Hellmann’s Mayonnaise with Olive Oil which is less misleading.
In the US version Soybean oil is substituted for the Rapeseed oil.

(Sophie) #18

I have to Ditto the homemade mayo! Once I got the hang of it, there’s not stopping me now. I love that I can control what I put in it, I now use it to make my own Ranch Dressing and it tastes a hellova lot better than any commercial mayo I’ve tried. It’s an all round win in my book!

(Dan Dan) #19

Its used to get a healthy omega 3 to omega 6 balance :wink:

(mags) #20

Hi Heidi
This is a bit late but I’ve tried your mayonnaise recipe and it worked so well and was very easy. Used avocado oil and light olive oil. Lovely thank you. I shan’t buy mayo again :grinning: