One of The Most Important Contributors to Success With Keto


oh for me it was all about ‘dieting obsession’

I read do this, do that, fast and starve, then eat only this, don’t eat that food with this food, every single low carb person told me what to do ya know…but that is what suited them. It didn’t suit me one bit. I became a dieting monster of insanity and failure and I went bonkers tracking everything, measuring/weighing food and eating out became an absolute nightmare for me and my family. I allowed my dieting to just take control and not in a good way.

And it was carb addiction. I fought to keep the carbs any way I could. But in the end once my mind said ‘who are ya kidding here’ after all this insanity, I decided to accept the carb addiction and go on the attack. I always did best at 0 or 10g carbs tops so I walked into zero carb plan and never looked back.

What it gave me was control. Hunger satisfied. Nutrition for the body to heal. The plan was eat all ya want, when you want and boy did that suit me and boy did I need that in the beginning. Coming from all kinds of restrictions/kcal counting/carb tracking and all that crazy.

What my zc plan gave me was freedom from ‘dieting’. I don’t do nothing but eat zc and gave up everything. Dropped it all from tracking which is worthless to me and gave up being scared or guilty to eat my fill, I can eat out all the time and not ‘worry’ on carb counts and more LOL

I know I was in a mess with dieting. It tore me up for a few years. I tried everything. Every tweak and tip and trick that others would recommend and nothing worked cause also I didn’t like LC foods at all. I hate veg and was always a meat hound so my progression into zc was the exact plan to suit me and fix all my problems on finding healing and health.

I was one crazy dieter before and now, nope. Dropped it all and live a very good easy peasy lifestyle on a plan that suits me to a T. You know I just had to go thru all the crazy to find the best of the best for me I guess :slight_smile: Tons of weight off my shoulders now since I am out of that ‘dieting mindset’…I tell ya I couldn’t take it LOL It drove me bonkers :slight_smile: but now all is good for many years on this plan.

I think everyone just has to find their personal plan. Eat the foods you love and not force that and when you finally narrow down the foods/lifestyle and more that works with you, bam ya got it.

So I hope that is what you meant by what problems did my plan fix for me :sunny:


Thank you for sharing!

I can relate about being in control. I’m not ZC, but for me very low carb (max of 30g net carbs a day) means exactly that: feeling in control. And it feels good!

I’m happy for you and everyone who find what suits them, like you said. It’s so liberating!


yes when we hit our control it plays such an important part for us :slight_smile: So agree.

I let dieting make me nuts literally. I am so glad I am off that crazy wagon! That feeling of failure, no control, wondering on why it wasn’t working as it should, caving into cravings over and over, and just totally lost on ‘how to diet’ and in the end, I never had to diet LOL but is nice to find a personal sweet spot thru it all.

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That’s exactly how I feel. I feel blessed to have finally come to that realization. It’s taken over fifty years. At least I got there.

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Love your post. Those who lived the same thing recognize it.

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My daughter is the same way. If she says she can’t eat this or that because of keto or any other diet/WOE, it causes her stress.

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How does your family like the calm carnivore @Fangs?


they still think I am a royal pain about my menu all the time HAHA
I know I feel so much calmer finally on an eating plan that suits me tho. Can’t go back to old crazy diet days, I wouldn’t survive another round of that mess LOL

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Excellent and Well Said (BTW, were you ever part of The Fasting Method? That helmet shot…)

We all want EVERYTHING to be easy. We are jealous of the people who can eat whatever they want, etc. etc. etc.

Let me add something to these comments. Have FUN with it. Become a DIFFERENT PERSON!
I am officially FRUGAL (Okay, I am not rude, I pickup MORE than my fair share of lunch tabs, and I tend to overtip, because I’ve been on the other side). BUT, I don’t like to waste my hard-earned money. I live in the first house I ever bought, long-ago paid off. But still FRUGAL. My family will tease me that my dollar bills have Presidents wearing sunglasses, IN CASE I actually open my wallet and take them out!

But when I started this process, I agreed to spend up to $5,000 saving my life. That was for ANY TEST, and ANY Tool, Anything that made sense to TRY, even if I gave it to charity after (and I did).

This was part of Changing. Along the way, I found Sous Vide Cooking, and also Smoking food…
I found exercise and specifically walking. So, as I was giving things up, I was trying to GAIN New things. Many have NOTHING to do with eating, but are healthy.

I’ve been to 3 conferences LCD 2019, Carnivore 2019, and also the LCUSA Boca Event in 2020!

Learning about Sous Vide, I went from a pretty LAME cook, who had taken 10 cooking classes and struggled (as most Engineers do in a “touchy feely” world of cooking, until they get it). To learning about time/temperature with Sous Vide. [I have a brisket cooking for 48hrs at 130 degrees. It will come out TENDER and Medium Rare. I will then smoke it for 2-8hrs. I will SAMPLE it every Hour, starting at 2hrs… To find out how I LIKE it. This is my first one…]

So, as you are CHANGING your life, change in a direction that changes your identity to help support your new lifestyle. I no longer miss most of the foods I’ve given up. Because I have such great options, and I’ve grown so much more.

After 30 years of FAILING to maintain my weight. I am holding steady (aside from the 19lbs of the “Covid-19”, LOL, like the Freshman 15)…

Every time I don’t succumb… I remind myself how far I’ve come. And I focus on the future.
I need more weight lifting, and can’t wait until the gym fully reopens, and that SAUNA is available!

In the end, I never spent all that money, and despite a few false “wants”, I am quite happy with the guilt-free approach I used to get here…

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Reading this was interesting. I may have just had the cholesterol spike you mentioned. If this is common, what is the cause? How long does it typically last?

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Missing the gym: We got a rowing machine (my fave) and a Total Gym. We’ve turned our healthy goals into a new shared activity/interest. This is the first time we’ve eaten the same way, which has us cooking and eating together more frequently. (Extra bonus points!)

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Drug free T2 here now for eight years. I follow Keto/primal/paleo. 15 grams carbs per meal, 60 grams max per day (I try to keep it down to 30) and 15 max glycemic load per day. The “load” in the most important number.

And I am obsessed as I do like having my feet and toes ATTACHED TO MY BODY. I went through a 2 to 3 week withdrawal, which was weird as I did not know what was happening to me. And now food tasted good again. And I have taught myself to cook.

But I do have a secret weapon: a trophy wife that only eats what I eat so I will never be tempted to stray. She is a blessing from God.

Thriving, not just surviving.

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Mega dittos!!

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I was never tempted by my husbands chips and ice cream, but I was jealous. AND now that he has joined me in keto, we have SO MUCH cabinet space!!! All that processed food in bags and cans and boxes… gone! Now, one whole sHelf is devoted to baking keto bread using almond and coconut flour. it’s a new day indeed.

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Nice post!

Since you miss lifting and didn’t spend the whole 5K dollars, why not purchase equipment to lift home? It doesn’t have to cost a lot. Xmas gift for yourself!

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@Corals my struggles continued with High BP, and fatigue… It has taken me 2yrs to realize just how bad Pork is for me. I am finally feeling well enough to lift and move more. It’s been an amazing journey.

In the mean time, trust me, I spent the money. In some cases on doctors and blood work. Last 2 rounds of bloodwork was about 900.00 after the insurance “reduced” it…

I do have “bands” to work out with. Not the same as the gym. But I can certainly make do.

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Love this. :sob:

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@amwassil Sorry, apparently I missed your original post back in Oct.

Agree… and well put! :+1: